Hilarious “Gorls” Meme is the Ultimate Meme We Never Knew We Needed

What started as a simple tweet about a typo is now winning the whole world’s laughs.

Last month, a Twitter user by the name of OffTopicMica tweeted a photo of Gru, the main character and supervillain from the ‘Despicable Me’ movie, with a funny caption, “When you type “gorls” instead of “girls.””

The user poked fun at the movie character’s heavy Eastern European accent as Gru pronounces the word “girl” more or less as “gorl.”

If you need help remembering, ‘The Despicable Me’ movie franchise has a couple of unique, and popular points. It’s the movie with cute yellow minions helping Gru and an adorable girl named Agnes who gushes, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!!!” when she is given a unicorn.

(WATCH: Gru Meets Twin Brother in New “Despicable Me 3” Trailer)

Since then, a lot of new funny “gorls” memes have been created by Twitter users, eventually breaking the Internet. They photoshopped Gru’s head into some notable icons who say or sing the world “girl/s.” Look at some of the funniest tweets here:

Or maybe… let’s do that scene from Infinity War? Too soon? 

Do you find this meme funny or not? I guess it kinda Grus on you, don’t you think?

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