20 Hilarious Motherhood Memes That Will Have You Rollin’

Back in the day, when my mom would always get pissed off at me, she would say this: “mararamadaman mo lahat kapag naging nanay ka na.” (You will feel everything (hardships) once you become a mom).

Now that I am a mom, all I can say is: “Mothers know best!” But, is it too late now to say sorry? Definitely, not!

Parenting is hard as you wear many hats to accommodate all the tasks: teacher, baker, chef, writer, nurse, doctor, everything!

You must be resilient. You must endure pain with great fortitude. That’s why when I see a fellow mom struggling with parenting their child, I don’t judge. Because to each his own.

So, to my fellow moms out there, these hilarious memes are for us! Cheers!

1. From one mom to another – I know how it feels. 

A child psychologist once explained to me that children throw occasional tantrums because they aren’t able to manage their feelings. And to some, acting up is their way to get things they want, which is their ultimate goal.

Hilarious Motherhood Memes1

Photo credit: thescientificparent.org

So, the next time they want something, they will have a meltdown for us to give in. Tantrums or meltdowns are expected but shouldn’t be rewarded.

On a lighter note and after four children, I still don’t know what to do when they throw tantrums in public!

2. Mom + Amnesia = #momnesia

funny motherhood memes

Photo credit: nickmom.com

There’s a lot of reasons why most moms have memory lapses. It could be our health or lifestyle. But for me, momnesia is expected.

3. Vacation or me-time. What’s “me-time” again?

me time2

Admittedly, I rarely enjoy any “me-time.” In fact, I don’t even know the meaning of it anymore! Now that I have a family of my own, my perspective of me-time has changed from having a day in the salon to a day of cleaning the house, writing, cooking, and more! Not complaining, though! However, occasional events help me rekindle with friends and things I love.

4. Yup, when you become a parent, your privacy is out the window. Privacy, #whatprivacy?

funny motherhood meme

5. Moms are usually supportive of their children. Except for this.

funny meme

6. A mom’s work is endless. In fact, we have to cook during Mother’s Day, right?

funny meme1

7.  Always keep it real. 

I always keep it real. People be like tired when they don’t even have kids yet!

funny meme

8. It could be wine, beer, cake, anything! 

funny meme2

9. When you become a mom, everything changes, especially your perception!

perception mom meme

10. This meme pretty much sums up everything. Do you want some iced coffee?

funny parenting meme

I never knew iced coffee was made this way! Now, we know, okay? 🙂 I think it’s more accurate when you reheat it in the microwave for the nth time and still forget about it. With all honesty, who can relate to this! LOL.

More comical memes on the second page!


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