20 Hilarious Motherhood Memes That Will Have You Rollin’

20 Hilarious Motherhood Memes That Will Have You Rollin’

11. Expectations vs. Reality

funniest mom memes

That’s why you have to believe in the saying: “always expect the unexpected.”

12. Because moms need to adapt to the cyber world.

effective parenting meme

Effective, yeah? (Photo credit: Pinterest)

13.  When being smart is an understatement.

parenting meme

Correction, I have four kids. (Photo Credit: Babies to toddlers Instagram)

14. Usually, silence means yes. 

parenting meme

Up to no good!

15. Yup, I absolutely agree!


Although, it’s bad for our health not to rest. Remember, health is wealth.

16. Don’t clean at all. 


You can genuinely start cleaning when the kids are 18 years old!

17. When you become a mom, everything changes. Yes, it’s true!

meme funny

Even your playlist will change – you have Little Einsteins as your jam now!

18. You can only invest in nice furniture when kids are already married


19. All the time

accurate meme

20. This is me. 

back to school

The picture is worth a thousand words!

Parenting is hard. There’s no way I can sugarcoat it. But, when you become a mom (or dad), you will learn how to love unconditionally. You will know what patience really means. It’s full of trials and tribulations but it’s satisfying!

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