#ParentingGoals: Adele Let Her Son Wear Frozen Anna Costume During Disneyland Escapade

Yes, she’s that cool. Adele, we hope all mums are as cool as you are!

The English songwriter and multi-awarded singer perfectly displayed how everyone else should stop the gender norms and embrace parenting with pure love and understanding.

Adele let son wear anna frozen costume

Photo courtesy of Vantagenews.com and photo appeared on multiple websites such as mirror.co.uk and mashable.com.

According to the article published by mirror.co.uk, Adele came in with a laid-back look to fully enjoy every kid’s dream place, Disneyland. She was spotted exploring Disneyland along with her partner, Simon Konecki, and son, Angelo.

Adele’s fans praised her parenting skills as I’m pretty sure, with how judgmental people are nowadays, would feel scared to come out showing their sons love Anna from the movie Frozen, too!


Admittedly, when I became a mom (3 boys and 1 girl) I promised myself to be the coolest – if not, the most understanding mom on earth. I won’t sugarcoat it, parenting is really hard. It takes everything for you to understand different personalities at home. I never knew about “patience being a virtue” until I became one.

One of the parent’s crucial moments is when your child or children begin to decide on their own. In our culture where limitations are very much welcome, seeing boys wearing girl’s dresses could make a parent squirm and faint, especially dads.

Clearly, there are parents who couldn’t fully fathom the idea of their sons suddenly loving girl’s stuff. Oftentimes, the twisted and sudden gesture is associated with becoming a potential “gay” or “lesbian” in the future. But, it’s not. Our children are too young to think what gay or lesbian means. It’s not them, it’s us teaching them the concept of “gay” or “lesbianism.”

Honestly, when I read this article yesterday, I felt nothing but pure love and understanding. It is definitely one of my #parentinggoals.

I, however, paused for a minute if I should really share the story. I had to stop because I was scared our readers might say otherwise. But, I reckon people are smart. People fight for love.

So, let’s end all these gender issues. Life is too short to be taken seriously. Love and be in love because time is all we have!

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