10 Travel Photography Must Haves from Henry’s Camera & Photo Supply Shop

Due to insistent public demand, we now bring you this very useful article on the essential things you MUST have to help you achieve really nice shots whenever you travel. Of course, these gears are just tools to HELP you… the rest will all depend on your skills and creativity okies?

In my case, to be honest with you,  I don’t own an expensive dslr. I believe my Nikon D3000 is already obsolete, but despite its limitations, I do my best to push its limits and I can proudly say that I’ve learned much from it through the years. I may not have an expensive camera but I do invest in good lenses and quality gears.

Whenever I shop for gears, I always buy from Henry’s Camera since it’s the most trusted store when in comes to all things about photography. I remember during my 1st ever Basic Photography class with Sir James Nicolay, he recommended the class to go to  Henry’s Camera along Hidalgo St.  in Quiapo since they offer the best prices. I believe Henry’s Camera have already established a good reputation in the industry over the years. I must say that I’m proud to be a Henry’s Camera suki! I’m glad that they have already expanded now with additional 2 branches so it’s more convenient for me to drop by for all my photography needs!

Whenever travelling especially in the Philippines, it pays to be fully equipped with the proper and most practical gears to help you achieve impressive shots. Here at Henry’s Camera & Photo Supply Shop, they offer only the best and most affordable cameras, gadgets and gears to help you fulfill your passion for this art!


 Here are the 10 things we recommend….


1.    A Tripod— Honestly before, I couldn’t understand the need to use a tripod. I was never motivated to bring a tripod out of town but when they recommended me to try the SIRUI, everything changed! It’s super light weight, handy and very easy to use that I can conveniently tuck it in my backpack whenever we travel!

If you want to improve the technical quality of your photographs, the very first step is to buy a reliable tripod and use it as often as possible. Professional nature/travel photographers shoot every frame possible with their cameras firmly mounted on a tripod for less blur. When it comes to travel photography, it’s vital to bring with you a lightweight, compact and easy-to-use tripod which you can carry anywhere and use everywhere like the tripods from SIRUI which are made from aluminium. It’s the most light weight and compact professional tripod which you can conveniently place in your backpack. Truly the most ideal tripod for people on the go!


Holiday Inn & Suites Makati Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When In Manila (5 of 197)


2.    Choose a good travel bag— With the countless travel bags out there, the Athena series bags from Nest would be our most recommended brand for the photographer who is passionate about outdoor travelling. Choose from a variety of sizes depending on the number of lenses and other gears you need to bring when shooting outdoors. Lightweight, durable, waterproof  with roomy interiors and thick protective walls to protect your precious camera and gears.

Henry's Camera Photo Mae Ilagan When In Manila (8 of 9)

3.    Shoot using ultra wide lens— As you learn more about photography and gain more experience, you will surely come a point wherein using your 18-55mm kit lens would feel insufficient (believe me!). If you want to get serious with travel photography, it pays to invest on a wide angle lens. A wide angle lens is capable of capturing more in the frame than a zoom lens with its wider field of view.  I fell in-love with it right after my first few clicks! Experience the joy of producing breathtaking shots of majestic land/seascapes, key landmarks and locations with a lens that can capture as wide as 10mm! Capture the “big picture” – use an ultra wide lens!

 Air Asia Zest Air Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When In Manila (123 of 158)

Petronas Towers


Air Asia Zest Air Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan When In Manila (147 of 158)

view from the 86th flr of the Petronas Towers


4.    Use a telephoto zoom lens – Travel photography isn’t limited to landscapes alone! If you’re into photographing birds and other animals, it pays to put on a zoom lens in order to shoot from a distance. Also, if you’re into photojournalistic/candid shots where you don’t want to be noticed by your subject, then this would be the ideal lens for you!



was able to take a close-up shot using my telephoto lens


5.    Switch to a sling strap— Don’t let your gear hinder you from capturing that moment! Do yourself a favor and switch to a camera sling for better control, safety, comfort and less strain on your neck. For very affordable and durable camera slings, try the ones from Carry Speed.


it looks and feels better when you use a sling


Henry's Camera Photo Mae Ilagan When In Manila (7 of 9)

costs around P1,900


6.    Bring extra memory cards –  One of the best things about travel photography is that you get to capture a variety of subjects and scenes. When travelling outdoors, be sure to bring an extra memory card to store all your precious memories.


7.    External flash- it also pays to carry with you an external flash to still be able to take well exposed shots even indoors. Don’t just settle with your default pop-up flash which produces hard light and awful shadows. Invest on a durable external flash and don’t forget to include a diffuser. There are a variety of branded and third party brands at Henry’s Camera so don’t be shy to ask for assistance.



an external flash is great for portraits and indoor shoots

we actually use a flash for most our food shots

8.    Bring a handy second camera – Carrying 2 heavy dslrs can be very inconvenient so having a handy and reliable point and shoot is also very helpful! Check out the Sony rx100 for professional quality shots without the bulk and heavyweight! This will actually be the next one that I’m saving on. I’ve been thinking on buying another dslr however I really don’t want the extra weight. I heard it costs less than P25k.


9.    Use a remote timer switch— If you aim to capture long exposure shoots, it’s a MUST to use a remote timer switch to eliminate camera shake problems. This  enables you to release the shutter while you’re away from the camera. Ideal for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure.

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10. GoPro Hero 3 –  It’s simply the world’s most versatile camera ideal for outdoor adventure! The GoPro Hero 3 is the smallest, wide angled video camera which produces professional quality shots in the market today! Easily mounts to any surface (head gear, surfboard, bike etc) and also capable in shooting underwater scenes making it your ideal snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing companion!

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10 Travel Photography Must Haves from Henry’s Camera & Photo Supply Shop

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