Sir Nicolay’s Photography 101 Offers the BEST & Most AFFORDABLE Photography Classes in Manila!

When in Manila and frustrated with your previous photography classes which are simply not effective, I strongly suggest you quit wasting money and sign-up at Sir Nicolay’s Photography 101!


Ok, let me get straight to the point and give you reasons why you should follow my advice….



1. Sir  Nicolay is a REAL teacher. He knows how to effectively make you understand each lesson. His methods of teaching are very clear and simple. He has a lot of experience with cameras, taking photos and knows how to operate  Canon, Nikon and all other brands in the market.




he’s a teacher who can teach you the photography lessons the EASIEST way possible




2. He knows what he’s doing! This is really, really important when choosing a teacher! LOL!  Though he doesn’t take photos for a living (because he chose to be a teacher), his shots are very professional!  He grew up in a family of professional photographers  so it runs in his blood.  I bet you’re gonna WOW at his works! Here are some samples..















3. He offers the MOST AFFORDABLE photography classes in Metro Manila! Unlike other photography schools which charge thousands of pesos, the great news about him is that you can take only 1 subject at a time and pay only less than 1000 pesos! His promo packages are also very affordable! His class schedules are also very flexible! Learn at your own pace!




2 years ago, I enrolled in his class with ZERO knowledge. But right after hearing his inspiring lectures and knowing on how to properly operate my camera, I became more and more interested in learning  the art. Call me an addict,  but yeah… i never stopped  honing my skills and I got hundreds of albums on my facebook account and blog posts to prove it!




Last weekend, I got invited to sit in his Outdoor Street Photography class so I took the chance to take photojournalistic shots to give you a glimpse on how he conducts his classes! It felt really good to be a student again! I got to meet  newbie  shutterbugs  and I couldn’t help but reminisce on the times when I was also learning the basics  of photography.



Allow me to show you the happenings….



Sir Nicolay is very hands on with his students. He only allows a max of  around 8 students per classes so he can give his attention to each student especially when it’s time to critic their photos.




his tips are very useful so be sure to take down notes 




After the lecture, Sir Nicolay asked us to go out to take photos and apply what we have learned …



I had fun taking photos of my classmates and the interesting things which I saw! Here are some of my shots during that day:








 I love  taking photos of various textures, still life and of course food! I love photos which convey feelings and tell stories…





i always take the time to look up and appreciate the trees 




i love the shadows in this photo and that bike peacefully resting at that corner 

i saw a girl fixing her bike so i took the chance to take photos of her hands while at work

I believe hands have their own language  =)






 When I arrived at the university shopping center, I took photos of food and the people working there.







 I went inside a barber shop just to capture this




 patterns and  hues




it’s a must to experience eating fish balls in UP! 





Portraits 101 (People Photography)

 After my Outdoor/Street Photography class, I also attended his Portraits 101 class to refresh my memory with the rules as well as take photos while the other students were directing the model.

What I like about Sir Nicolay is that he gives us time to be free and apply what we learned. Instead of him leading the shoot, he allows the students to connect and direct the model. This is such an interesting class!

You have the freedom to try all sorts of angles

of course, it pays to know the rules before breaking them

after each activity, Sir Nicolay checks on the shots and gives each student honest feedback as well as more tips on how to improve 

I’m really glad I made the right choice in signing up in his class 2 years go. My original plan was to just take his Basic Digital Photography Class and that’s it! But because his teaching method is so effective, it motivated me to take all his other classes!  It pays to have a good mentor to teach and guide you all the way.

A mentor who can effectively give you knowledge….. someone who guides your path, inspiring you by being a great example…. a teacher who lets you express your creativity and  gives you enough room to grow  – this is Sir Nicolay!

Like all the other features which I write, I never waste my precious time to write about something which I don’t like or believe in. Frank and I carefully choose every topic well, with each post written from the heart and  photos are carefully composed for your ultimate reading pleasure. I’m sure you get what I mean with this. I only recommend a handful of people and Sir James Nicolay is definitely one of them! I believe in him so much that I even persuaded him to be a part of so please do take the time to also read his articles! =)

 Welcome to the When In Manila family sir!!

Sir Nicolay’s Photography 101

contact #: 0928- 503. 48. 78


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Sir Nicolay’s Photography 101 Offers the BEST & Most Affordable  Photography Classes in Manila!

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