10 Things You Probably Can Relate to if You Have Strict Parents

Article by Camille Geguera 

Given that we live in a conservative society, there is nothing new with strict Filipino parents. Can you relate? Here are 10 things that you’ll only understand if you grew up having strict parents!

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10. When your friends want to hang out but it’s hard to ask permission from your parents. 

The classic.

9. When you have a group activity after class but you already have 15 missed calls from your ‘rents.

“Friend, help me explain to my parents naman”

8. When you ask permission to hang out—and they actually allow you to go.

“Legit ba, papa? Anong nakain mo? May himala nga!”

7. When you have to do household chores, study in front of your parents, and act like a saint before asking permission to go out with friends.

Pa-good shot muna.

6. When your parents said no but you call your friend, her mom and their whole fam to help you convince them otherwise.

“I’m super safe since I have older people to look after me, too!”

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5. When you mentally plan your lakads to make sure there are intervals in between.

A foolproof strategy so that your ‘rents won’t use the “maglalakwatsa ka na naman?” card.

4. When you tell your friends your parents didn’t allow you to go—even though you haven’t actually asked for permission.

‘Coz lol alam mo naman na yung sagot.

3. When everytime you dress up a little too nicely, your parents start giving you life lessons about the dangerous world outside.

Even though you weren’t really going anywhere.

2. When you lose your baunan and don’t know how to explain it to your mom.

Hands up if you sometimes feel your mom loves her Tupperwares more than you.

1. When they assume you have a secret jowa every time you go out, even if you’re just going out with a friend. Who is gay.

There may be times that we feel that they’re being irrational, but we got to admit that they’re doing it for our own good. After all, parents know best (sometimes!).

Can you relate to any (or all) of these? Tell us what you think in the comments!


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