FUNNY: This Guy Documents His First Overnight With Friends And It’s So Relatable For People Who Have Strict Parents

With the summer season just arriving, I’m sure we all have plans to go to the beach, travel, or just spend countless of hours hanging out with friends.

Of course, along with these plans comes the responsibility of asking for our parents’ permission. And for some of us, it is far from easy to get our parent’s sweet “K”.

Once they do agree, it also comes with the obligation to update them with every single thing that’s happening on your trip.

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Renz Valdez shares his own account of what it means to finally get permission to spend the night at a friend’s house when you have strict parents.

He posts Snapchat-like photos of his documentation for his mom–telling her about everything that’s going on.

Check out all the pictures below:

His documentation really doesn’t miss out any of the ‘important’ details.

overnight documentation snapchat

He goes as far as documenting his crossing of the street…

to making a hot drink…

overnight documentation snapchat

and even up to arriving back at their house and opening the gate!

The post has been shared for more than 20,000 times! It has proved to be completely relatable for those trying to make plans with strict parents trying. Some even took this as a tip for their next getaway!

Perfect for summer outings!

What do you think of his ‘documentation’? Share it with us below!

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