10 Things People Who Wear Eyeglasses Can Relate To

Just recently, I found out that I have astigmatism and that I’d have to wear eyeglasses in order to correct my vision and prevent further damage.

Yes, I’ve thought of wearing contact lenses, but the idea of poking my eyeballs just gives me goosebumps. And so, I had to stick with the good old frame and lens to do the job. Long story short, I came up with these 10 things that you and your 4-eyed peers can all relate to.

  1. Having to push the frame up your nose whenever it slides down

Throughout the day, your eyeglasses will make its way down your nose, and from time to time, you’ll just have to push it back up, like the villain who has just plotted his/her evil plan.

  1. Wishing that your eyeglasses came with an auto-wiper

The only thing more irritating than having dirty lenses is that fact that you have to take your glasses off and clean them. Don’t you just wish that there is a built-in wiper on your frame?

eyeglasses 1

  1. Always forgetting where you put them down

Whenever you take them off and put them down, they seem to instantly disappear. Well, it’s probably because you can’t see them.

  1. The struggle of watching something while lying down

You just can’t get comfortable whenever you try to lie down with your specs on. That’s why when you watch something while lying down, you just have to lift your head a little bit.

eyeglasses 2

  1. Annoying splashes of water, more so, rain

Even just a splash of water seems like you’re swimming or drowning. Plus, you’ll have to wipe your glasses, again.

  1. Fogged-up lenses

Does coming out of a cold room then suddenly feeling like you’re blind sound familiar? Yup, it does.

eyeglasses 3

  1. You don’t like 3D movies

You just look weird and uncomfortable wearing another glasses over your eyeglasses.

  1. Doing stuff without them on is never a good idea

There are times when you just have to do things without your eyeglasses, like swimming, taking a bath and engaging in other physical activities.

eyeglasses 4

  1. People trying out your glasses just to see how bad your vision is

Yup, people just have to try your glasses on even if you already told them how bad your eyesight is.

  1. Auto-bokeh eyes

You won’t need that camera lens with a low f-stop number to get that bokeh effect, all you have to do is remove your eyeglasses.

eyeglasses 5

Can you relate? Tell us in the comments below.


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