READ: 5 TV Show Friendships We Can All Relate To

Yup, we do watch a lot of TV. And most of the time, our friends watch the same shows that we do.

Are there moments when you feel like the kind of bond and experiences you share with your best pals are a lot similar to the ones you are currently watching on your television or laptop?

Well, more than just plain entertainment and easy escape from boredom, here are five TV show friendships we all love and can actually relate to.

5. Lucas, Dustin, and Mike

These are the type of friends that you grew up with back at home.

Just like Lucas, Dustin, and Mike who stick together, you and your friends have each others’ backs despite all the unfortunate events you are going through. You are also more than willing to go out of your way to offer a helping hand to a friend in need or in trouble.

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4. Troy and Abed

You have the similar habits, you like the same movies and music, you are both weird in the same unique way, and that makes you such great friends.

You fit perfectly together and it already seems like you are the same person even to the point that you have that B1 and B2 kind of thinking.

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3. Barney, Ted, and Marshall

Who said you can only have one best friend?

There are clearly pros to having two! Both of them will always make sure you get both sides of the story and situation. Yes, more opinions may lead to more arguments but when you actually put all of your heads together, nothing is impossible.


2. Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle

This one is your extremely loyal friend. He will stick with you no matter what. Even when he thinks what you’re doing is already as irrational and out of this world as it gets, he won’t ask any question. Just know that he will always have your back.

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 1.  Chandler and Joey

Well, of course. Through thick, thin and all that’s in between.Screw, differences! You guys complement each other.

Screw, differences! You guys complement each other. This is the kind of friendship that will last a decade and even more. You are so inseparable that your best friend is actually thinking of adopting you and making a little room in his own house for you when he got married.

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Are there any other special TV show friendships that we should be tuning into?

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments.