READ: 10 Things Even Non-FRIENDS Fans Can Relate To

Do you remember that one friend who has always been bugging you to watch FRIENDS?

Well, what if I tell you that it doesn’t matter if you’ve only watched an episode or two because there are lots of things in the TV show that even non-FRIENDS fans can relate to.

Here are ten examples below.

Chances are, by the time you’re done reading this article, you’re convinced to finish the whole series.

10. The one where two of your friends got together

As cute as it may be, there is still this weird feeling whenever you see two of your best friends kissing, especially when at the back of your mind, you know how awkward it will be if they ever break up.

9. The one where your friends who got together actually broke up

Yup, they did and just as you expected, it is extremely awkward. Now, you can’t hang out with the two of them at the same time. Don’t you just wish they weren’t on a break?

8. The one where your roommate became your best friend

When you spend a lot of time together, share your meals, watch the same TV shows, being best friends with your roommate is bound to happen. Next thing you know, he’ll buy you a friendship bracelet with the words “best buds” engraved on it.

7. The one where getting over someone was the hardest thing you’ve ever done

You know how you thought you have found the one but for some reason, the relationship ended? Then you had to get over that certain someone, and after a lot of tissues and help from your friends, you finally had a good nights sleep.

6. The one where you wanted to legally change your name

We all got to the point in our life that we want to reinvent ourselves. Change our wardrobe, go through a makeover, reorganize our room, try something new and sometimes, even to the point that we want to legally change our name. Just make sure that it isn’t as crazy as Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

5. The one where you hang out in this coffee shop all the time

Doing your thesis? Enjoying a cup of coffee while catching up on your reading? A place where you could brainstorm for your group report? Or just simply hanging out friends? You could never go wrong with a coffee shop. Especially when it has a comfy, big sofa where you and your friends can all fit.

4. The one where you don’t know the job of one of your friends

He’s an accountant, she’s in marketing, but there’s always this one friend with a job we have no clue of. Something to do with data? A transponster, perhaps?

3. The one where you got drunk and made a very bad decision

Yep, this is all of us. Just remember not to go as far as getting married with your ex while you’re both intoxicated. In fact, try to avoid making big life decisions when drunk.

2. The one where you found the job that you love

After years of not knowing what you are actually doing and feeling lost in the professional world, you finally had the courage to quit your current job and pursue your passion and something you are actually good at. I’m sure one of your friends will be kind enough to make a list of your possible career options.

1.  The one where you realize your friends will always be there for you

Despite all the things you’ve all gone through, the issues you have resolved, all the drama and fun times, you will always be there for each other, even after 10 long years or more.

Do you have anything to add to the list?


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