10 Sunset Destinations in the Philippines to be Thankful for

10 Sunset Destinations in the Philippines to be Thankful for

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That blithe moment when the sun kisses the horizon is just spectacular. That short period of time when the blue sky and the orange rays of the sun try to mix with each other marks a day is ending and also a new day is beginning soon. That moment, anywhere I may be, can give me sheer happiness. I hope it does the same with you too.

So, if ever you’re in the Philippines, here are some of the best places to catch the sunset. Chase the end of the day and start anew tomorrow.

10. Quezon City


Quezon City is one of the biggest cities in Metro Manila and one of the most populous cities as well. In the middle of office skyscrapers and other commercial establishments, Quezon City can still offer an amazing sunset view. Jog at dusk in UP and it is likely that you’ll witness an impressive sunset like this.

9. Calaguas

Sunset, Calaguas group of islands

Calaguas is a group of island in Camarines Norte, which is popular its pure virgin serenity and being an unspoiled paradise. However, it is now receiving an increasing number of backpackers and campers, which inhabitants of the island worry that may cause detriment to the area. Its white powdery sands can be compared to that of Boracay and hopefully it will be preserved in the time to come.

8. Antipolo

Vieux Chalet Antipolo When In Manila Mae Ilagan Frank Ruaya  (9 of 182)

Antipolo is a city located in Rizal, which is just a stone’s throw away from the metro. It gives an overlooking skyline view of Metro Manila, which provides a picturesque view of the sunset in the city. The sunset view on this photo above was taken in the rustic and romantic place of Vieux Chalet.

7. Camiguin

Sunset at the Sunken Cemetery by Ferdz Decena (www.ironwulf.net). The debris a little farther from the

Sunset at the Sunken Cemetery by Ferdz Decena (www.ironwulf.net). The debris a little farther from the

Camiguin is a small island said to be “born of fire”. Much of the island is believed to be formed from volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, which has submerged the old town of Catarman underwater. It left ruins of a church and its bell tower. The Sunken Cemetery (as seen on the photo above) is marked with a large cross, which used to be part of the submerged town as well. Seeing sunset with this view is memorable and eerie at the same time.

6. La Union


La Union fun doesn’t end with surfing the waves. A drink or two with your newly-found friends with the sunset as background is something to enjoy in La Union too.

5. Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro's Primavera Residences - An Eco-friendly Architectural Solution that Works Harmomiously with Nature - Sunset

Cagayan de Oro or “The City of Golden Friendship” is possibly one of the happiest places in the country. It is home to friendly locals who are all smiles to welcome the visitors. The province is best known for whitewater rafting and river trekking, which will test your endurance and inner strength in case you decide to try these. You can also just chill around and watch the majestic sunset here.

4. Albay

Misibis Bay

Mayon Volcano during the Sunset Cruise

Albay is a province in Bicol that known as the home of the majestic Mayon Volcano. A sunset with the perfect volcano as backdrop is a sight to see when in Bicol.

3. Batanes

Batanes Sunset

Batanes is a breathtaking destination located at the northern tip of the Philippines. Many travelers consider it as a dream place to go to due to its untouched beauty and pristine waters. Its neighborhood is also said to have a friendly and distinct appeal. Thus, it can be expected that sunsets in Batanes are phenomenal.

2. Manila Bay


Manila Bay is a well-known natural harbor in the country that offers a scenic sunset view. It runs on the strip of Roxas Boulevard, which is filled with a handful of establishments that cater to all visitors. Jogging around the harbor is one of the most common activities that you can see people do here. Although the bay is not in great condition due to pollution, it is hoped that someday it can be better with rehabilitation.

1. Boracay


Boracay Island and its beaches are known to be multi-awarded by different international and local travel publications and agencies. It is almost always packed with people, both Pinoys and foreigners alike. The island offers many leisure activities such as helmet diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, cliff diving, and parasailing. Just good old relaxation by the beach is fine too. Aside from its powdery white sand, Boracay’s grandiose sunset is also something to look forward when visiting the island. It’s probably one of the most photographed beach sunsets in the country, if not the whole world.

For the best places to view sunset in Manila, find them here.

Where is you favorite spot in the country to view the sunset?

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10 Sunset Destinations in the Philippines to be Thankful for

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