Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant in Antipolo Serves The Best European Cuisine in Manila!

Vieux Chalet! *sigh*




Before reading this special article, please  click on this link and wear your headset for maximum reading pleasure for the Vieux Chalet experience won’t be complete without hearing this every time you visit…





*sigh*  I couldn’t help but smile whenever I think about the Vieux Chalet. =D =D =D


When in Manila and seeking for a very special place to remind you how beautiful life is ….. we suggest you travel up  Antipolo and visit the Vieux Chalet!


The very thought of Vieux Chalet sends me to cloud nine and I can’t wait to tell you their tale and show you how wonderful this place is! I’ve been hearing sooo many good comments about this place and many of my readers have been requesting us to feature this. Here, you will experience the best European cuisine with that special Pinoy touch!



In this humble home lies a great story….  and the story started with a lovely couple named Tony and Susan Hassig who dedicated their lives in raising their 3 wonderful children (Florence, Katharina & Olivier) by providing them with a cozy and warm home, fresh air to breathe, a stunning view to wake up to, thousands of sunsets to watch and ponder on, magical mornings with birds chirping to wake up to, animals to befriend and delicious and healthful meals to look forward to. They made sure to always have time for each other. Activities such as gardening, arts and crafts, music, caring for their pets and cattle were a part of daily life. They also taught their children the value of hard work, integrity, love of country and all other beliefs and values which every family should uphold.



Because they wanted to make a living out of doing what they both love, they opened their doors to the public in 1984 with the notion to incorporate their family beliefs, principles and advocacy.


Vieux Chalet: this house is truly a HOME




I’m sure you’ve heard so many good things about the fabulous food at the Vieux Chalet but to tell you honestly, the food is merely just a fraction of what Vieux Chalet is really all about. To fully experience its magic, I highly recommend you stay a day or two!



We decided to spend the night at their St. Moritz Swiss Inn which is also part of the property.  All my stresses that week instantly disappeared as soon as we opened the door and saw this wonderful site! =) It felt as if I was given a glimpse of my future since this looks very very close to the room which I would like to share when I have a family of my own.


All their rooms at the Vieux Chalet are uniquely, creatively and personally designed by the family



Our lovely butler for today Jen gave us some Lemongrass Iced Tea as our welcome drinks



we were assigned to the room dedicated to Olivier



The Vieux Chalet is known for their top caliber classic European dishes. On their menu, you’ll find a combination of classic German, Swiss, Italian and French dishes! It’s like finding the best of Europe on your table!


The Vieux Chalet has welcomed countless families from all-over the world  since 1984. They have a lot of loyal customers not just because of the food or the picturesque view but because of the over-all wonderful vibe you get with each experience.



 the Vieux Chalet is a place for the family




Another great reason why people should dine here at the Vieux Chalet is because all ingredients are organically grown and made from scratch! They get their choice meats from local Rizaleno suppliers. Their cheeses, pastas, tomato sauces, bread and jams etc are all freshly made by them to ensure you get only the best! =) Some people have asked me what I think about the price of their dishes for they find it to be quite high. At first it made me really curious but after experiencing them, I honestly think with the hard work and effort which they put in each dish, they are all worth every peso! =)




As we set foot upon its floors, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by classic timeless music playing at the background (one example would be the Edith Piaf song I attached at the beginning of this article). I knew immediately it was gonna be a feast for all senses!


the Vieux Chalet Mango Shrimp Cocktail (215.00)
Antipolo’s famous yellow mangoes, Fresh Prawns and Basil on a bed of Lettuce with Vieux Chalet’s special cocktail dressing.



Lemongrass Iced Tea




Ricotta-Spinach Ravioli in Al Panna Sauce
with Truffle Oil 295.00
Homemade Ravioli stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese and spinach topped with a rich creamy sauce with truffle oil.



the Vieux Chalet serves the best Bread Sticks



Osso Buco 835.00
Braised Beef Shanks in Fresh Tomato Sauce and Basil served with Rosti



Cashew Rice with Basil

 you can only find this at the Vieux Chalet! One of a kind!




One thing we look forward to during trips are the new faces which we get to meet. We consider each experience as a blessing. We got the chance to meet Mark and Aileen who went there for a romantic date at the Vieux Chalet. It’s a must for married couples to still find the time for themselves even after having kids to keep that spark ever alive! They look so lovely together! I believe that being married is such a wonderful thing… it’s one of life’s blessings which all of us should gladly embrace!



We rounded off that very pleasant meal with a heavenly slice of this…. 





Swiss Quark Cake  185.00
*Please order in advance
Quark is a type of fresh cheese of Central European origin



 The Vieux Chalet is a home indeed!



they got a pool as well which you may use when you stay overnight




 Meet the family pooch, the very gentle Butternut! Each time Frank and I travel, it ain’t complete without meeting furry friends.  Frank often teases me of being a dog in my past life since they tend to approach and wag their tails upon seeing me! Hmmmm




The St. Moritz Swiss Inn has a spa at the ground floor for your pampering needs!




 guests can also use this dining table beside the pool



an ideal spot for afternoon teas 



 we highly recommend using their Jacuzzi and have a bubble bath! really  fun!



 detoxify by using their sauna



 Thanks to the Hassig family for letting people witness this 




Supper came and the night was just perfect!

Garden Fresh Mixed Vegetable Salad 155.00
Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Corn, Homemade Ricotta Cheese with our special herbed Vinaigrette.

 The vinaigrette made all the difference for it had no annoying aftertastes!



Italian Farmer’s Soup 125.00
Homemade Pumpkin and Potato Cream Soup with Basil and Croutons.


The best soup we’ve tasted so far! Very subtle textures playing around my tastebuds…no overpowering flavors! Reminded me of lounging at the sofa doing a movie marathon with my significant other on a cold rainy night. This is something which I’d like to make for my family in the future!




 Lemongrass Iced Tea



 Fondue Bourguignon 2,550.00
Prime Cut Beef Tenderloin to be Cooked in Hot Oil served with Potatoes and a Fruit and Vegetable platter.

*comes with Soup or Salad



It’s our 1st ever time to have beef fondue and we loved it a lot! Their sauces complimented the meat well! I loved the tomato sauce and spicy mayo. The salad complimented it well for it refreshed my pallets after having the meat.




Swiss Chocolate Cake a la Mode 185.00 


The ice cream I may say is half ice cream and half mousse giving it that rich and full flavor and consistency! The cherry syrup gave it that tang which just gives you slow subtle explosive sensations in your mouth!




We were truly blessed with such a fine perfect morning the next day. We had a full 10-hour sleep and woke up listening to the song of birds and rustling leaves. I couldn’t resist but go out and appreciate the surroundings more.


The Hassig children grew up caring for pets and cattle. I always believed that caring for animals let you learn a lot of life lessons such as a sense of responsibility, respect and compassion.




I will never forget that morning. This is the perfect life which I aim to have…a very simple happy life spent with my loved ones. Happiness and peace was definitely the dominant vibrations. I felt loved, safe, cared for… I felt so special! These are the things in life which are priceless!




I feel very honored to be in a place which has aged witnessing countless celebrations. It felt like being a guest at a house of a warm loving family… and yes we were!   It was such a perfect radiant day! My life force overflowing once again!


it was such a perfect and romantic day!




Their restaurant manager Sir Rico Doy served some brewed Lavander Tea. I’m such a tea person! I can’t survive a day without it!




 Frank on the other hand is very dedicated to his coffee




We trusted Sir Rico’s recommendation on what to have for our meal…..


Freshly baked warm bread, homemade ricotta cheese, homemade four seasons jam,  chilled butter & some fresh grapes. Just look at it…. life’s simple pleasures!




Sir Rico then came out and placed this fabulous platter on our table! A perfect day starts with a perfect meal! Everything you see  here can never be replicated since they all make them from scratch…. making it priceless! So far one of the best meals we’ve had!

Instead of a romantic dinner date? Why not try a romantic brunch instead?


Brunch  for 2 (885.00php )
Homemade Smoked Ham and Bacon, Sausage, Swiss Cheese, Bread and Butter, Homemade Jam, Eggs, Fresh Fruit or Fresh Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea or Fresh Milk 




the brunch also includes fresh glasses of mango juice




How wonderful it is to see these smiles and well wishes from people who have also been touched by the magic of this place. No wonder people always make time to come back and go out their way just to once again, experience a little slice of heaven.




The legend that is the Vieux Chalet is definitely a place for people who seek and would like to share the goodness of life!




Of course, we also wrote them a note!



Before leaving, I bought one of a kind items in their souvenir shop!



meet Sir Rico, their dedicated restaurant manager with an infectious laugh! Bwahahahahahaha! He  has been working at the Vieux Chalet for 19 yrs!!



Thank you So Much Vieux Chalet! Especially to Florence Hassig, her mom Susan Hassig, Sir Rico Doy, the hardworking and jolly Jen, Jonathan, Lyn and even to the lovable Butternut! Thank You so much for making us a part of the family even just for a weekend! Thank you for reminding us about the beauty of life’s simplicity… the appreciation of good food and for making us feel good about being Filipino!



Ahhhhh….. experience the legend that is the Vieux Chalet! A must….really a must when in Manila!




Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant

Florence R. Hassig
Chef de Cuisine/General Manager

Taktak Road, Antipolo City

tel #  (02) 697.03.96

cellphone 0928.288.85.84

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Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant in Antipolo Serves The Best European Cuisine in Manila! 

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