Spend Romantic Weekends at The St. Moritz Swiss Inn and the Vieux Chalet! Ideal for Monthsaries, Anniversaries & Family Getaways!!

As a follow-up to our wheninmanila.com feature about the VIEUX CHALET Swiss Restaurant it Antipolo, we’d like to write this quick post to tell you more about our stay at the St. Moritz Swiss Inn which is just right beside the Vieux Chalet and also  a part of the Hassig property.

As you all may know, Frank and I had one of  our best weekends so far at the Vieux Chalet and we really would like you all to experience it as well. =) You see, Frank and I personally pick the places which we feature because it’s a waste of time and energy to write about something which we don’t believe in.  We value our credibility very much so we maximize our weekends to have fun and release stress from our own day jobs. =)

To fully appreciate the beauty of the Vieux Chalet, we highly suggest you stay a day or 2 at their St. Moritz Swiss Inn. Here you can definitely detach yourself to your busy city life!

The  St. Moritz Swiss Inn at the Vieux Chalet has 3 rooms which are all dedicated to the Hassig children! All 3 rooms are creatively decorated by the Hassig family themselves!


 During that wonderful weekend, we were assigned to stay at the room which was dedicated to Olivier Hassig…..





And because we’ve been getting a lot of  requests from readers regarding ideal Romantic weekend getaways in Manila and special places to celebrate those memorable monthsaries and anniversaries,  I’m sure that you’ll  have a great time when spent at the Vieux Chalet and St. Moritz Swiss Inn!


I found out that they got Romantic weekend packages for 2 starting at 5,000 pesos! I believe this is worth saving up for! Seriously!

the peaceful weekend escape at the Vieux Chalet!



enjoy champagne and a romantic room set-up for an additional 1,500. BEST for your special dates!



What to expect…..


First of all, this is NOT a hotel so do not expect to see all the amenities which a 5 star hotel offers.  All rooms have air-conditioning,  LCD TV with cable, dvd player (HD), toilet n bath with bathtub with hot and cold shower.  Personally, we didn’t really use the TV since we just wanted to maximize the peace and quiet which the place has. It was indeed relaxing to listen to the sound of chirping birds and rustling leaves all day. We also spent most of our time catching up, laughing and talking about our weekday happenings.  Of course, we also spent time taking photos and appreciating the place as well as the jacuzzi and sauna.


…..hmmmmmm Spending quality time.  One of the very important things in life which Sir Tony and Susan taught their children. A model family indeed!  The Vieux Chalet is really all about the goodness of life and the importance of spending time with the people who matter most!


expect a room sooo cute and relaxing as this



you also get a cool refreshing welcome drink and of course your very own personal butler



you get a really nice view of the pool which you can also use when you stay




Things to do….


chill at the pool


spend free time and lounge around the garden


they also have a spa for all your pampering needs



I personally enjoyed the Jacuzzi and bubble bath!!



we also felt very relieved after the sauna experience



here… you get to enjoy peace and serenity



every meal at the Vieux Chalet is something to really look forward to




 Each meal is complimented by a spectacular view of the city… 


the View at the Vieux




The Vieux Chalet and the St. Moritz Swiss Inn  is also an ideal place for friends and of course the family! They also have family packages that guarantee a wonderful time!! Be sure to check them out when in Manila!!




Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant

Florence R. Hassig
Chef de Cuisine/General Manager

Taktak Road, Antipolo City

tel #  (02) 697.03.96

cellphone 0928.288.85.84

Join them on Facebook!



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Spend Romantic Weekends at The St. Moritz Swiss Inn and the Vieux Chalet! Ideal for Monthsaries, Anniversaries & Family Getaways!!

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