10 Struggles Only Lefties Will Understand

Right-handed tech stuff, awkwardly designed desks, scissors… even scissors!

Life started kind of difficult as a left-handed kid, we could do better at cutting paper by folding and tearing than using actual scissors. A few years back, my bro bought me a pair of scissors exclusive for left-handed people. Unfortunately, we don’t always get special attention when it comes to mass-produced products.


10 Struggles Only Lefties Will Understand


10.  Spiral notebooks and binders are the ultimate evil.

They fool you with nice physical appearances… yet they’ll all hurt you in the end.


10 struggles only lefites will understand 1

9. Spending forever bumping elbows with the majority.

Constantly making sure your elbow won’t meet your seatmate’s can be distracting. Lefties want to eat and write peacefully, too, you know.


8. Hobbies can be a struggle.

I’d wish to get a DSLR as a photography hobbyist for lefties, but then manufacturers seem not to care for the more or less 10% left-handed population… And don’t get me started on guitars.


10 struggles only lefites will understand


7. Pens that unscrew.

All along I thought it happens to everyone, but I learned pens are actually unscrewed clockwise so lefties need to deal with the pain of this involuntary action while writing.


10 struggles only lefites will understand 4

6. Medieval torture devices: scissors and can openers.

It seems these two exist to punish left-handers for reasons science can’t determine yet… or is this a plot by right-handed scientists?


5. Computer mouse is not so tolerable.

I can live with laptop touchpads, but the computer mouse can be a pain for people with a dominating left hand. You need that dexterity when you play online games.


4. Ink all over the side of my hand.

The struggle is real while you continue to rub the side of your hand after you copy notes from the board or write on your planner. Like when doing Details Ink doodles.  Can you imagine getting all those details smudged up?


10 struggles only lefites will understand 5

3. Right-handed desks.

The frustration of hoping a left-handed desk managed to sneak in with the lot in the classroom you’ll be staying in for a good semester (and the next ones after that).


2. Learning stuff.

I had Table Tennis for Physical Education. My instructor practically gave up on teaching me because he couldn’t seem to mirror what to do with his left limbs or something. 

10 struggles only lefites will understand 10