Details Ink: Amazing Doodle Art

Details Ink

Details Ink: Amazing Doodle Art

When in Manila, it is a joy to stumble upon amazing local art. By chance I encountered some beautiful stationary last year: black intricate drawings with incredible details in a variety of objects on envelopes, note cards and notebooks. These impressive creations were made by local art company Details Ink

The talent behind the craft is 20-year old UP architecture student, Kara Pangilinan. Although always creative, Kara did not develop the unique style that eventually became the core of Details Ink until she was in her late teens while facing a major personal challenge. Overwhelmed during this trying time she found a release of emotions by drawing doodles in black ink on white paper. Her first ever drawing – made up of little drawings and words – took months to complete and bared her soul.

Details InkThe drawing that started it all: Kara’s release of emotions, black ink doodles on white paper.


Upon finishing her first masterpiece, Kara continued drawing doodles during class time and at home. She shifted from regular paper as her art canvas to drawing on envelope flaps. These soon drew attention from classmates who requested for her to make envelopes for them as well. As the friendly orders grew Kara eventually found herself consumed trying to draw all the envelopes individually.

To be more efficient she came up with the idea to have several of her designs printed as Christmas gifts. The project required a name and  Kara decided on the professional sounding ‘Details, Inc.’ and explains: “the details are the one thing that make my art so unique”. Not having a corporation hindered her legally to use ‘Inc.’, which then turned into the perfectly suitable Details Ink.

Details InkDetails Ink drawings

Details Ink


With the advice of her parents and the help of a friend’s printing press, Details Ink finally came to professional fruition in late 2011. A wordpress-based website was created and the first set of stationary – six distinct designs on envelopes and note cards – printed, just in time for Christimas.

Although she was required by the printing press to order several thousand pieces, the entire first stationary collection sold out incredibly fast within three weeks. To accommodate further customer requests, 17-year old Kara ordered another set of the same collection and joined a bazaar for the first time.

Details InkDetails Ink at a bazaar: Kara selling her envelopes and notecards.


After her initial success, Kara continued selling Details Ink stationary online and a year later in 2012 joined a Christmas bazaar again with a new collection.

In 2013 Kara started college as an architecture student. Balancing her studies and Details Ink proved to be difficult and at times she couldn’t dedicate herself as much to her art and business as she would have liked.

By 2014, with the help of her father, her view of Details Ink shifted from being just a stationary business to being an art brand. After a professor of hers at UP explained that success was a direct result of the hours one was willing to invest in his work/artform, she was motivated to work harder and restrategize.

Details Ink


With renewed enthusiasm, Kara asked others for help in areas she wasn’t too familiar with: her sister and cousin helped with the technical side, graphics and promotion and other friends assisted with the photography.

While spending one month in the US, she made it a daily ritual to spend several hours drawing. By August she relaunched Details Ink with a stronger social media presence and additional products such as notebooks and shirts. Her Darth Vader t-shirt design became an instant hit among Details Ink fans. Kara also started taking on projects from other businesses, making custom designs for their products.


Details InkDetails Ink’s Darth Vader shirt design for men and women.

Models: Gabby Dario & Jesse Gotangco

Photographer: James Zamora


Details Ink inspiration comes from a variety of sources. Kara works according to a list of items she intends to draw. Depending on the intricacy of the object one piece – from outlining in pencil to drawing the doodles and revising – can take her up to 6 hours to finish. While working she usually keeps on a movie in the background, something she enjoys and that helps her focus.

Now a member of the art community Makers Market, Details Ink regularly joins bazaars around the metro. 


 Details Ink


Over the years, Kara’s style evolved into the distinct doodle art that make up Details Ink today. Her weapon of choice has remained the same: a Pilot G-Tec or Uni-Ball Pen.  The signature look of Details Ink are black doodles, although some custom designs may be in color.

Details InkKara Pangilinan, founder and creator of Details Ink


What 2015 and the future holds for the business remains to be seen. Kara is optimistic that with the help of her supportive surrounding and the ambition to do her best always, Details Ink will continue to grow and flourish. And judging by her talent and the incredible art she creates, it is obvious that both the artist and the business have a very bright path ahead of them.



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Details Ink: Amazing Doodle Art


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