10 Soulful Movies and TV Shows That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Words by Gayle Dy

I don’t mean to sound like a masochist or anything, but I love watching movies that make me cry. I love it when I find myself so deeply invested in a character to the point that I end up sharing all his problems, worries, and desires—almost as if he were a real person. Because sometimes, these characters are real in a sense.

Films, books, and music—they’re more than just sources of entertainment. What all these creative platforms do is tell stories: real, heart-wrenching stories that tell the same tale of myriads and myriads of people around the world. Through these stories, we are able to see the spectrum that is humanity and the problems that go with them respectively. We are given the opportunity to empathize with all these different people and see them in a new light that we otherwise might never have. And that, I believe, is the true essence of art: to restore compassion and emotion in people and bring them together.

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So, without further adieu, here are 10 Soulful Movies and TV Shows That Will Hit You Right In The Feels:

10. Master of None

Known for being both heart-warming and mouth-watering at the same time, Master of None follows the daily life of an Indian actor named Dev who’s trying to fulfill the American Dream. Each episode deals with a different aspect or background of Dev’s life, ranging from social injustices to his relationships and cultural background to his career pursuits and more.

Though there is no central plot driving the show, the comedy series is not critically-acclaimed for nothing. Beyond all of Dev’s romantic exploits, occasional misadventures, and food-trips (yes, there’s a lot of them!) lies a very insightful and well-crafted show that pays homage to human relationships. The key lies in its simplicity in storytelling—just wait and see! This show is a masterpiece unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.


9. Lady Bird

In a beautiful coming-of-age film about the tumultuous bond between mother and daughter, adolescent Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson (Saoirse Ronan) dreams of nothing more than to get away from her dull life in California and start anew by applying to a college in New York, even if it means going head-to-head with her strong-willed mother. A perfect mixture of humor and pathos, Lady Bird will take you on a nostalgic trip back to your teenage years and will probably have you calling your parents by the end of the movie.


8. Ghost

Although we all love Patrick Swayze for his role in Dirty Dancing, the actor has done plenty of other movies that make him just as swoon-worthy. My best example would be none other than the romantic fantasy thriller, Ghost. Starring alongside Demi Moore, Ghost is about a murdered man whose soul lingers behind on earth in order to protect his lover from threatening dangers. A timeless and poignant masterpiece, this movie had me sobbing like a baby with just one word: Ditto.


7. Blue Valentine

What started out as a young, sweet romance between a high school dropout and an aspiring doctor soon transforms into a bitter marriage on the cusp of falling apart. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams deliver a most exemplary performance in what could possibly be the rawest and heart-wrenching drama of this generation (Fight me, Titanic fans). A deeply intimate and honest portrayal of modern marriages, Blue Valentine is everything that all romance movies should aspire to be: real and heartfelt.


6. Black Mirror

Black Mirror is the kind of show you either completely hate or love; there is no in-between. A sci-fi anthology about the downfall of modern technology, Black Mirror gives us an insightful look into what innovations the future might hold, as well as the inevitable consequences that come along with it. Notorious for its cynical and bleak themes, that is the show at its finest and that’s actually what I love about it—it’s not trying to pose as a lighthearted show, but rather, an honest one that reflects the harsh truths of what society is like today and how we can get carried away with our corrupt human nature. It also forces you to think critically and wonder if these innovations are really for our benefit or if we’re just advancing our own doom. But if you must know, there are still a few undeniable, euphoric episodes of Black Mirror that will surely warm your heart.


5. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

A highly enjoyable anthology about life in the Old West, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs presents six different story arcs from a singing top-dog cowboy to a traveling showman and orator to even a pair of bounty hunters. Told in a storybook-style narrative, this movie is equal parts euphoric, grim, and heart-wrenching. Coen brothers, you’ve done it again!


4. Dead Poets Society

Who could ever forget the famous line, “Oh, Captain, My Captain”? In an ode to all bibliophiles, Robin Williams stars as the iconic Mr. Keating, an English teacher who inspires his students through his unconventional, yet passionate methods of teaching. Set in an elite, orthodox boarding school in 1959, Dead Poets Society will inspire and touch you through Keating’s countless lessons. One of my favorites? “That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a  verse.”


3. My Girl

In another coming-of-age film told through a child’s perspective, 11-year-old Veda Sultenfuss is on the threshold of growing up, and that process is never easy for anyone. Through the course of the summer, Veda experiences many highs and lows and eventually comes to peace with the fact that change really is inevitable. Starring Macaulay Culkin and Jamie Lee Curtis, My Girl depicts one of the most realistic and bittersweet journeys through adolescence.


2. Her

The plot of Her can easily be summarized in one sentence: A man falls in love with his computer. Or an intelligent operating system, to be specific. But the feelings you get after watching Her cannot be as easily squeezed into one period. It’s the kind of movie that stays with you long after it’s over and has you mulling in your head about the prospect of trading human connection for artificial companionship. Indeed, in our increasingly advanced world, it is feasible. And through Her, we are shown the justifications that incline us into doing so—the result is a beautiful inward look into the mind of man and the vital role that love plays in our lives.


1. The End Of The Fucking World

A pair of misfit teens running away together? It sounds romantic at first—until you learn the MC’s real motives for agreeing to go with the girl. Nevertheless, the journey up ahead is full of fun and danger. But as the adventure begins, it’s only a matter of time before reality catches up to them. Packed with action, dark humor, and teenage angst, TEOTFW tells the beautiful, coming-of-age story of two outsiders who find a sense of comfort and belongingness for the first time in their lives through each other. You may laugh now, but I promise you that this is so much more than just your typical teenage love story.


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