10 Signs You’re Part of Santa’s NAUGHTY List!

Written by Mia Abigan

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means – GIFTS! Well, assuming you’re in the “NICE” list at least. According to our good friend back in the North Pole, those part of the “NAUGHTY” list will have to sit this one out. No gifts, no nothing.

The problem is, some of these deeds are not as obvious as others. Maybe it’s in the way society acts that. But somehow, we end up doing it unconsciously. So to save you from missing out on the happiest holiday of the year, allow me to list down ten (10) signs that make you eligible for Santa’s NAUGHTY list.

10. Crab Mentality


Remember that one time your mom caught you playing instead of studying so you decided to expose your brother from across the room who was doing the exact same thing. Great, now both of you are grounded for a week. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a thing called “Crab Mentality” and if you wanna get back to the nice list soon then you better get rid of this nasty habit!

9. Feeling Entitled (TO EVERYTHING!)


Nowadays, people can’t seem to help but feel entitled to EVERYTHING. Whether it’s other people’s times or to why they clearly deserved the position over a co-worker, it’s plain annoying (+ very toxic at that!). So if I were you, I would definitely get rid of that habit ASAP.

8. Underestimating Other People’s Job Functions

work hard

Let’s face it, not everyone is a CEO or any of those top-level positions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t working equally hard. Frankly, a system only works when all of its components work hand-in-hand. Besides, what’s the point of arguing over something like this, when you could’ve spent that same time working hard and making lots of hard-earned cash?

7. Ghosting


Oh boy, do I have a lot to say about this. Not only is this an extremely mean move on the part of the ‘ghosted’, but it’s also a cowardly act. First of all, how could you just leave someone hanging like that? It’s like you two didn’t spend significant time together and make unforgettable memories. Of course, if things get too toxic and you have to cut ties, there’s a proper way to do it and it’s definitely not through this method.

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6. Insta-bragging ( or any form of excessive social media bragging )

social media

Remember when social media was such a fun place to hang out in? We’d send Restaurant City requests to all our friends, we’d message them about the new TV show we enjoyed watching and overall, the vibe was just so happy and cheerful. Everything was fine until the fire nation came. And by that I mean those that liked to brag about every single piece of luxury bag they owned, the number of celebrities they’ve hung out with and even the countries they traveled to. We get it Linda, you’re rich, privileged, and lucky AF but there’s no need to constantly flaunt it in everyone’s faces, okay?

*P.S. – Linda was not intended to target anyone and is merely used as a fictional name holder for easier understanding

5. Being Proud of Filipinos ONLY when They Achieve Something


Ah, of course. Don’t you just love it when someone wins a talent show or a beauty pageant or an Olympic event and find out that they’re actually like a sixth Filipino! Surely, they bring in a lot of pride and honor to the Philippines but why is it that we only take credit once they’ve achieved something. But so long as they haven’t proven themselves, we give absolutely no support or help — that has got to CHANGE. Let’s be a nation that loves and wholeheartedly supports our people! Because we’ve only ever got each other’s backs, right?

4. Toxic Masculinity

toxic masculinity

Graphic by Ki Tally


It’s 2019 and the fact that people still use sexuality as an insult is laughable. “Real men don’t cry”? Crying is a good and healthy way to release built-up emotions, it’s necessary. “Mama’s boy”? And what exactly is so wrong with being a filial son who dutifully obeys his mother’s orders? That’s right, N-O-T-H-I-N-G! So can we please please stop wrapping our heads with the idea that all men have to be this cold-hearted, buff jock that only does “manly” activities. Men can be just as expressive as women and they don’t have to be ripped, muscular people.

3. Meddling in Other People’s Business


If you’ve ever been to at least (1) family gathering then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You guessed it – it’s the dreaded sight of your titas who you know will end up asking you so many questions only to immediately shut you down with “Dapat kasi etong course nalang kinuha mo!” or “Ano ba kasi yang ginagawa mo – wala ka namang napapala dyan sa (*insert your passion here*).” And while it may seem like friendly advice on their part, sometimes, it ends up going too far. It becomes toxic. They have to remember that at the end of the day, it is still YOUR life and you get to live it (not them).

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2. Underestimating the Art Industry and Creatives


The toughest thing about being creative isn’t in creating works of art, but in defending their passion in a world filled with judgmental people. Especially when they live in such a cut-throat industry, it can be extremely heartbreaking to hear people degrading what they do. Ironically, when it is these same people enjoying it anyways (in the form of movies, games, etc.). So the next time you see an artist having a hard time, please do them a favor and acknowledge their hard work first before you go on about the list of things you don’t like. Remember, they put their blood, sweat, and tears into making it so please don’t dismiss it so lightly.

1. Thinking Mental Health isn’t a Problem ( taking it TOO lightly )

mental health

For the last time, Gen Z-ers are not overreacting when they say they have depression or any other mental illnesses! And just because there are more cases now does not necessarily mean that they are weaker. Maybe those in the older generations have experienced it too but due to the fear of society disowning them, they’ve decided to keep it to themselves.

Mental health, just like physical health and spiritual health, is just as important. And while it is still hard to cure mental illness, having a good support system is an essential part. So the next time you notice your friend acting differently, it won’t hurt to ask them if everything is alright because a simple act of concern goes a long long way ♥

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How many signs did you tick? Are you part of the Naughty or Nice List? Share your thoughts in the comments!