10 Reasons Why Couples Who Work Out Stay Strong

At one point, after having too much lechon skin at a birthday party/fiesta/noche buena and tipping the scales, you realize… time to go to the gym!

But as many of us know, this is easier said than done! We make a resolve to finally start working out the next day… until tomorrow is here and you can’t get up and you tell yourself, “Bukas nalang.”

Then you go online on Facebook or Instagram and then you see the feed of your favorite celebrities and bloggers with amazing bodies with their loved ones!!

10 reasons why the couple that works out stays strong

Those six-pack abs and bicep cuts did not appear overnight! Those are the amazing results of hard work and dedication to staying true to a fitness routine and eating healthy food. But more than just looking hot whether in a bikini or in a dress or suit, working out as a couple definitely makes them stronger (and we’re not talking about their muscles!) and brings a lot of benefits to a relationship! Here are 10 reasons why couples that work out stay strong!

10 Reasons Why Couples Who Work Out Stay Strong

10. Working out puts both of you in better moods and makes you more energetic.

10 reasons why the couple that works out stays strong 3

It’s no secret that exercising helps your body release more endorphins, the chemicals responsible for triggering happy and positive feelings. This is exactly why working out is one of the top stress relievers of choice by professionals! There’s also nothing like going to the gym to let out some of that stress and bad vibes after a rough day. Even after an argument with your babe, sometimes going to the gym can help both of you release that pent-up negative energy. The end result? Happy, euphoric sweethearts with more energy in the day to do more, ahem, exciting and productive activities!


9. You’re both flexible, easy-going, and low-maintenance.

In short, walang maarte. Working out allows you to get down and dirty and break a sweat, with little room for complaints. There aren’t a lot of things you fuss about, even outside the gym, which means overall less hassle for you and your beau. Having lunch at the carinderia? No problem! Going to a family reunion and the annoyingly nosey tita will be there? There will be other things to talk about. Car broke down? We’ll take the jeep and the MRT, and you won’t hear us complain about being squeezed in among the hordes of fellow commuters. Any other questions?


8. You bring out the best in each other.

working out couple stays strong

The great thing about having a gym buddy is that there’s someone to motivate you to actually get up at 5 in the morning for that daily run, even when your soft, warm bed seems so enticing at the moment. Having a loved one who is a fitness nut means that no one’s going to be a kunsintidor when all you want to do is lie in your pajamas, marathon Game of Thrones and maybe have some popcorn (with butter!!! GASP!!). When a fitness nut truly loves you, this means wanting the best for you– even if it means pulling the curtains, grabbing the blanket away, and dragging you away from your precious mattress. And they expect you to do the same for them.


7. You’ve seen each other at your worst.

Being red-faced and sweating like a pig while your shirt is so drenched it’s dripping on the floor is a far cry from your first date, all primped and polished while dressed to the nines and smelling like bagong ligo plus your favorite perfume. Still, this doesn’t make your loved one less attractive in your eyes. Plus, it’s nothing a few liters of water and a shower can’t fix.


6. Both of you are completely in sync.

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From your diet, to the moment you wake up, both of you work like a machine, completely in harmony and in tune to each other, without missing a beat! Because you’re basically following the same lifestyle, there’s little room for conflict, and this allows for a productive and smooth-flowing system for both of you.


5. You both don’t give up easily.

10 reasons why the couple that works out stays strong 2

Getting into shape is no easy feat. There are going to be lots of sweat, tears, and maybe a little blood. But real fitness buffs don’t stop at reaching that coveted thigh gap or six-pack; it’s about getting better, faster, stronger every day. This means going beyond your limitations step-by-step, even when the going gets tough! There’s no easy way to reach your goals, and nobody knows that better than both of you.

The same goes for your relationship. It may get hard along the way, but the end goal of being together is so much more worth it. To put it simply, both of you are not quitters.

10 Reasons Why Couples Who Work Out Stay Strong