10 Phrases to Learn When Travelling to the Philippines

Travel is an amazing thing. It opens your world to new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds — ones that you could have only dreamed of. It gives you a chance to see another part of the Earth from someone else’s eyes. It lets you take a step in a stranger’s shoes to experience the culture that their country has to offer. (Need more reasons to travel? Read this.)

When booking a ticket to a foreign country, it’s always best to learn a few phrases in the land’s native tongue. Not only will it prepare you for any emergencies but it’ll also help make your travel experience the best one yet! Here are a few to get started on when heading over to the Philippines:


Magandang Umaga Meme 10. Magandang umaga/hapon/gabi!

It’s the Filipino’s standard “good morning/afternoon/evening” greeting. It’s almost guaranteed to put a smile on a local’s face if a foreigner starts the conversation with this phrase.


Anong Pangalan Mo meme 9. Ano pangalan mo?

Asking “What is your name?” shows locals that you’d like to get to know them more. Take it the next step further with the help of the next phrase in this list.


Kamusta ka meme

  8. Kamusta ka?

A simple, “How are you?” is bound to open up lots of conversation topics. Filipinos love talking about anything and everything and are happy to share their stories and day-to-day activities.


Oo o Hindi meme

 7. Oo/Hindi

What a joy it is to know that you’re not confined to a simple nod or shake of the head when answering “yes” or “no”.


Joke Lang meme 

 6. Joke lang.

If you’re big on humor and saying jokes, don’t forget to follow up with a “just kidding” after. This could help save you from any uncomfortable situations.


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