10 Lines from the New Jadine Movie that Got Too Real

Words by: Giorgia Ocampo Danga
Graphics by: Jillian Bueno

*Warning: May contain spoilers*

Blockbuster sales don’t lie. And what it says is that Filipinos are the biggest fans of kilig, feel-good romantic comedies!

James Reid and Nadine Lustre, collectively known as Jadine, first captured Pinoy hearts in rom-com Diary ng Panget. We followed their journey as they evolved through the years—in music, in acting, and in their shift from #TeamReel to #TeamReal.

This time, Jadine, along with director Antoinette Jadaone, takes a different turn in Never Not Love You, and it sealed the deal to their metamorphosis. This movie has a very realistic take on love—that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that moves us along, yeah (thanks, Maroon 5!). It’s raw, fresh, and will make you think.

WATCH: JaDine’s Never Not Love You movie trailer

So what happens when reckless, carefree Gio meets ambitious, dutiful Joanne?

Here are 10 lines from the film that either made our heads nod “yas, agreed!” or just really hit us to the core.

1o. “Good art ain’t cheap”


To the friend asking for free services to your craft.

9. “So what’s your plan now?”
“Siguro katulad na lang nung sa’yo.”


When you can’t choose what to order in a restaurant.

8. “Listen, hindi ka dapat kabahan. Sila ang dapat kabahan sa’yo.”


That pep talk to your friend before her job interview.

7. “Kapag nasa baba ka ng ‘food chain’, walang peace and quiet, peace and quiet, señorito.”


Because we were all once haggard, tireless, enthusiastic beginners.

6. “Dapat talaga sa’kin doble sipag kasi hindi naman ako gumraduate sa UP, sa La Salle or sa Ateneo, hindi rin naman ako cum laude, eh minsan may favoritism…”



5. “It’s obvious he’s flirting with you. It’s obvious he’s trying to hit on you. I’m a guy, I can tell.”


When you got your eyes on that person trying to flirt with bae.

4. “I just wanna be happy. Yun lang. Choose to be happy. Ganun lang yun.”


How we wish it were that easy, Gio.

3. “You’ve become the Joanne that you’re supposed to be, but without me. And it just hurts like hell to admit that.”


Excuse us while we wipe the sweat from our eyes.

2. “I love you. Don’t give up on me yet. We can still fix this.”


Because in truth, a relationship doesn’t just require love. It requires hard work, too.

1. “Masaya ako ‘pag mag-kasama tayo. Masaya ako pag nakikita kita. Pero ‘pag mag-isa na lang ako, love, na-rerealize ko kasi na hindi na ‘ko masaya eh.”


You love him, but you love yourself too.

Never Not Love You is now showing in cinemas nationwide. What other lines did you relate to in the movie? Tell us in the comments!