10 Items you should Invest in for your New Baby

Having a baby can be overwhelming and aside from that, it’s really expensive. Aside from everyday expenses, baby gear and mama items can burn a hole in your pocket. Though many items are expensive, it’s really important that you spend your money wisely. It is very important that you invest your money on all the right items so you get the best value. Here’s a quick guide of the things you should check out.

Maternity Belt

Whether it’s your first time to be a mom or not, a maternity belt is something many moms would suggest to have. But what kind, brand and how much?

What we found is the Pigeon Pregnant & Postpartum Belt. It is something that you can use from the 5th month of your pregnancy and until even after giving birth. It helps your belly and lower back especially if you are having pains. It also helps improve the shape of your hips after giving birth.


Php 3,499


Modular Bath Tub

Once the baby is born, you would be thinking of how to take care of them and giving them their first bath can be very stressful. From the bath soap to the bath tub, you want to be ready.

This Safety 1st Custom Care Modular Bath Tub can be used from newborn to 2 years old making it a valuable investment. The tub is ergonomically designed for the head and back which also gives the freedom and mobility while bathing. The tub also comes with a rinse cup, soap dispenser caddy, and a convenient storage bag with suction grips

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Php 2999.75

Multi-Function Sterilizer

One item that can be quite expensive are sterilizers. The popular brands in the market can cost up to more than Php10,000 but we found a multi-function sterilizer that is more affordable and has multiple uses.

The Pigeon Multi-function Sterilizer can also be a bottle warmer and food warmer. It can hold 5 standard sized bottles or wide neck bottles. As a food warmer, it has adjustable timer and temperature.  As a bottle warmer, it can fit all sizes of feeding bottles and preserve nutrients in breastmilk at 40 degree celcius.

Php 5999.75

Breast Pump

If you will be choosing to breastfeed, there are many breast pumps that you can choose from depending on your lifestyle and budget. There are manual, electric and even portable breast pumps that you can choose from.


Screen Shot 2019 09 04 at 9.05.32 PM

Pigeon United Electric Breast Pump Php 13,999.75

United What is the best strength training for triathlon fertigyn pregnyl 5000 iu vial bodybuilding machine press in fitness equipments compare prices, read product reviews and buy at shopzilla. Portable Electric Breast Pump Php 10999.75

United Manual Breast Pump Php 2199.75

Basic Manual Breast Pump Php 999.75

Bed Rail

If you don’t want your baby to sleep in his or her crib, you can try co-sleeping. This has been a trend to modern moms and to make sure that your little one is safe, you can get a bed rail to attach to your existing bed.

Co-sleeping is one way to bond with your baby and it’s also a way to sleep train them and be familiar with sleeping patterns. Safety 1st’s bed rail has an automatic locking in upright position for safe daily use and can be matched with a child’s bed or adult bed.

Set Php 35,000

Auto Close Gate

When your baby is bigger or if you have pets at home, you can get an Auto Close Gate. This gives you a chance to add a safety feature in your home. Safety 1st’s Auto Close Gate U-pressure fit is simple and easy to install.

This wide baby gate that opens in both directions is convenient to use while a double locking mechanism adds to security. The new handle design allows simple one handed opening and closing.


Car Seat

Car seats are really important and the the recent Republic Act. 11229 or the Child Safety in Motor Vehicles Act aims to protect children whenever they are brought into a motor vehicle. Though car seats can be pretty expensive, a good car seat is vital and can save your baby or child’s life in case you get in to an accident.

The Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 has an Airprotect Technology for side impact protection in case of side collissions. There are two types of installation via the seat-belt or ISOFIX. This can be used from newborn to 7 years old, so you can get the best value for money.

Screen Shot 2019 09 04 at 9.57.05 PM

Php 27,999

Baby Wipes

If there is something that a baby uses ever so often, they are baby wipes.

You really have to stock up on those baby wipes because it’s usually what you use when you change their diapers, wipe their hands and other parts of the body. If you are really worried about your baby in catching those viruses, you can opt to use the Pigeon Anti-Bac wipes which are gentle to babies and best for kids and mommas too!

pigeon wet tissues anti bacterial 60s

Php 79.75


Strollers are really important and if you want something that is easy to bring around, you would need a lightweight model. If you travel often, the Maxi-Cosi Lara can also fit in the overhead bin and can be hand-carried.

The stroller can be used from Newborn to toddler. It only weights 6.2 kgs and has a one-flash fold so you can easily open and store it. It also has shopping baskets so you can use it while shopping!


Php 21, 999.75

Liquid Detergent

I know, a typical household item can’t be an investment right? But it’s really important that you get quality detergent for your little one especially with all the harmful chemicals that are included in some products in the market. Pigeon is launching their new Liquid Detergent that is gentle for your baby items like clothes, comforters, muslins or blankets. What’s best about this is it’s more affordable than what you can find in groceries, their 500ml bottle is only a little over 200pesos.

Baby Laundry Detergent 500ml Bottle

Php 229.75

Having a baby can be hard work but you can also have an easier time if you get the right items to help you.

How about you? What are the things that you needed when you had your baby? Share it with us in the comments section below!