10 ‘Booking’ and Other Helpful Apps For A Stress-free Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one those special occasions we love celebrating. This is the day when it’s practically traffic because everyone’s out and about. Everyone is dining in, spending quality time with their family, friends, spouses, and more. This is also the day where everyone receives smiles and electronic greetings on Facebook. Times may have changed but our intentions to lavishly celebrate didn’t. Speaking of which, I was busy planning a V-date with my hubby when I realized it falls on a weekday! It’s going to be on Wednesday, middle of the week, and sure to be traffic everywhere.

While there’s a multitude of promos and inviting deals for you and your Significant Other, these apps (in no particular order) may come in handy for a stress-free Valentine’s Day.

Apps for booking places to stay

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is definitely a life-saver. If you decide to have a getaway on a whim this Wednesday, download Airbnb app on your Apple or Android phones and voila, you’re all set! Airbnb app lets you choose among the options available like the dates, property type (if you want a whole apartment, room, etc.), pricing, and location. It even gives you access to thousands of reviews you may read prior booking!

Moreover, the app gives you a chance to explore other activities you can do here and abroad. By the way, this app requires you to input your credit card and other valid government ID’s to ensure the safety of both parties. In case you haven’t downloaded this wonderful app, you may download it here (for Android) and here (for iOs).

2. Travelbook Ph

No credit card? Scared to be a fraud victim? Leave your worries behind because Travelbook Ph has your back. If you want a seamless booking transaction, this app lets you pay at the hotel! Furthermore, they also offer 20% discount code when you book using their app!

In a succinct manner, Travelbook Ph is the best booking app for people who are suckers for great deals and discounts. If you love staycations and out-of-town trips, download the app available for Android and iOs.

For gastronomers and foodie couples, here are the apps that could help you celebrate a stress-free Valentine’s Day.

3. Zomato

If you don’t want to have a bad meal and experience, Zomato app is your best friend in finding the best restaurants in your area. Zomato lets you search and discover restaurants to eat out at or order in from. You can browse through restaurant menus, photos, user reviews and ratings to decide where you want to eat and use the map feature to guide you there.

Download the app now if you haven’t yet! Available for Android and iOs.

4. Waze

You might be wondering, what the hell? Why include Waze? Well, my answer is simple: I don’t want you and you’re SO to get lost, stressed, and stuck in traffic! This app may not be a perfect GPS but it will give you better alternative routes going to and fro your destination. As I’ve mentioned, Valentine’s Day is a busy day so expect traffic everywhere. This app is useful not only during Valentine’s Day but for everyday use!

Download: Android and iOs

If you have to do overtime or work on Wednesday, you can still show your SO how much you love them by shopping online.  

5. Lazada

If you can’t withstand the people at the malls on Valentine’s Day, look no further. Download the Lazada app on your phone and start browsing through the great deals and prices on select items!

Although you wouldn’t receive the gift on time, at least you’ll be saving a lot of time and money. What’s good about Lazada is you can now pay cash on delivery. So, no need to worry and wonder about the items after paying via credit card.

Amazing apps for Valentine’s Day activities for you and special someone

6. Ikamasutra (P129.00)

What’s the sense of Valentine’s Day if you’re not gonna make love? Make love and explore different sex positions with this steamy and functional app for couples!

If you’re adventurous in bed, this app is helpful as it gives you access to over one hundred sex positions in different categories, each is sensually described that will help stimulate your desire to have a better sex experience. Although you need to pay a certain amount for this app, you’d definitely look forward to your next “session.”

Ikamasutra app is only available for Android phones. Download it here.

7. Simple Habit

Although sex is relatively beneficial to us, being mentally healthy is also a must. Studies show that one of the reasons why relationships don’t work is because of stress. It could be traffic, environment, financial issues, family misunderstandings, and more. Simple Habit is a great app for people who want to reduce stress. I included this on the list because I believe couples must de-stress to be able to welcome all the positive vibes. Moreover, this app helps you become more mindful and more relaxed by listening to live yoga and meditation sessions tailored to your lifestyle.

You may choose to do a Morning Meditation together. You can also track your progress and eventually create a simple yet great habit as a couple. Sounds interesting? Download now: Android | iOs

Now, not everyone has the luxury to dine in, make love, or spend time together on Valentine’s Day due to distance and other things. But, because love will always find a way, here are some apps you could use as well.

8. Canva

If you’re fond of sending creative e-greeting cards, Canva is a wonderful app you could use this Valentine’s Day. You may choose from their gallery of wonderful designs and edit the message according to your liking.

Canva has been in the mainstream for years now but it was only last year they introduced a mobile app. Thankfully, the app is now available for Android and iOs phones; designing has never been this easy, thanks to Canva! Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or not, I think surprising your special someone with a neatly designed card is still sweet, don’t you think?

9. Petalier

Flowers. Giving flowers to our special someone has already been a tradition. It’s also the symbol of love and appreciation. Thankfully, there’s already a flower shop in the Philippines that has an app. Petalier is the first flower shop in the Philippines to have a mobile app. The app provides the customers an efficient way of placing orders. I haven’t tried this app yet but according to their description, “users can customize orders – including the arrangement of the bouquet, pay orders, and even view order history within the app.”

To know more about this wonderfully made app, download them here for Android users and here for iOs.

10. HonestBee

If you don’t have time to cook and nowhere to go this Valentine’s Day, it’s never too late to munch on your favorite food by tapping this amazing app called HonestBee.

If you think you’d be late to do the groceries and tired of standing in long lines to order food, then this app is another stress-beater. They deliver food and groceries fresh and fast from your favorite restaurants and stores. They want to make your life easier so that you have time for the things that matter: your spouses, friends, and/or family.

There you have it guys! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! Whether you want to dine in or stay at home, what’s important is to love one another unconditionally.

Do you have any apps you’d like to share? Let us know by commenting below!

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