Zio’s Pizzeria Baguio City: A Taste of the Modern Classic

As a guy who grew up in Baguio, when people ask me for a classic “Baguio” pizza joint, there’s only one place that always comes to mind: Zio’s Pizzeria. May it be for barkada hangouts, romantic dates, a family dinner, or even just for hangover comfort food, Zio’s Pizzeria is the place to go.

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-11

Zio’s Pizzeria became famous for its “half-and-half pizza” combinations that have really captured the tastebuds of the people in Baguio. Zio’s recently redid their old menu, combining new tasty dishes with their bestselling classics, and here are some of our picks:

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-3The classic and the new, half-and-half Quatro Formaggi and Cheezy Bacon

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-2Something new from their menu  Zio’s Overload and Seafood Garlic

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-8New Red Pesto with Roasted Chicken

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-5The Zio’s Classic Pasta

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-7Zio’s Baked Chicken

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-6Italian Roast Pork Ribs

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-1Zio’s Chili Bowl

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-4Cheese Croquettes

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-10Zio’s version of sliders The Zio’s Mini Burgers

Zios Pizzeria Baguio-9Zio’s Double Cheese Burger

Their new menu is a combination of American and Italian, perfect for brunch and dinner. So, if you ever end up in Baguio City to cool off from the hot weather, be sure to check out Zio’s Pizzeria!

Zio’s Pizzeria

Leonard Wood Rd., 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

(074) 422 4599



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