Zenea – The Fun and Easy Way to Get Thinner and Fitter!

Zenea – The Fun and Easy Way to Get Thinner and Fitter!


WHEN IN MANILA, it’s fun and easy to get thin and fit at Zenea!

With all of the schedules that pile up in our weekly itineraries nowadays, it can be hard to find time to go to the gym and burn unwanted fat away. Sometimes, we may just be too tired to go to the gym because of work and school, as well.  Thank God for Zenea’s technology, however, I can now say goodbye to the tiring and strenuous activities that I used to do before just to get healthier!

I had never believed in easy slimming procedures before, but after my experience with Zenea, oh my! I have definitely changed my mind! Friends, I used to play competitive volleyball and basketball in high school and college. So I thought that the only formula to being fit is “exercise + diet”. Apparently, that isn’t the case. 


Zenea is a slimming and body sculpting center with unique programs that are packed with advanced technology to help people become fitter and sexier! What I like the  most about Zenea would be the fact that they are surgery, pills, injection and exercise-free! Slimming really can be easier with Zenea

I was lucky enough to try two of their top-selling programs: Meta-Active and Body-Contour. Meta-Active is like an MRI machine, in that you just have to lie down and wait for the heat from the machine to restore your body’s metabolic rate to normal.


 You’ll never believe this but when I was trying it, I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was already sweating. This Meta-Active program is equivalent to three hours of working out! Relaxing and working out can actually be done simultaneously!

Body-Contour, on the other hand, works like an ultrasound. However, it also melts your fats from deep within as the heat waves penetrate to target stubborn fats.


This took two centimeters off my waist line right away! I have 99.5cm and with just one session it went down to 97.5cm – amazing! (I know it’s still big, but still its 2cm!) Zenea mentioned that it can actually strip down 2-3cm, depending on the body type.  


After my first session at Zenea, I was certain that it wouldn’t be my last! I don’t know how to explain the pain of the abdominal area when you do ab workouts for long periods of time, but that’s how I felt my session. The beauty is that all that I did was lie down. 


 So, WHEN IN MANILA, join me as I begin to enter a healthier and fitter lifestyle! Try Zenea’s slimming programs and achieve the curves tailored to your request! Schedule your session now! 







G/F Vivere Hotel, 5102 BridgewayAvenue., Filinvest Corp City, Alabang

771-2200/  771-5500/  0917-863-0600



UG/F Somerset Olympia Tower, 7912 Makati Avenue, Makati City

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G/F Trina Place Building, 507 Romero Salas St., Ermita, Manila

353-7134/ 353-7135/  0917-591-1098


Quezon City

2/F Toyama Group Center Building, Timog Avenue, Quezon City

374-0600/ 374-0800/ 0917-814-0600


Website: https://www.zenea.asia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=136245519881752&fref=ts



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Zenea – The Fun and Easy Way to Get Thinner and Fitter!