Stardanz Fitness Studio Provides Both Fitness and Fun with Pole Dancing

Stardanz Fitness Studio Provides Both Fitness and Fun with Pole Dancing

When in Manila and the treadmill and the weights have all become boring and redundant for you, you definitely have to find a pole dance studio near your place! What used to be associated with strip clubs and fishnet stockings is now slowly turning itself into one of the best body strengthening exercises out there.


If you live far from The Fort and Ortigas and you’re looking for a pole dance studio around Quezon City, then Stardanz Fitness Studio would be a good option for you! When you get to Stardanz Fitness Studio, you will basically walk into a small studio that pretty much looks like any typical dance studio except that there are six poles lined up and girls clad in Spandex booty shorts or cycling shorts and tank tops or sports bras.

Stardanz Fitness Studio

The pole dance classes at Stardanz Fitness Studio last for an hour and a half, 45 minutes of which are spent on stretching and core exercises. The first session basically involves spinning and also climbing the pole.


Pole dancing tests both flexibility and strength. For an exercise that requires you to handle your own body weight and go upside down on a pole, pole dancing takes the crown in being one of the most effective workouts there is out there!


There will definitely be an ouch factor because of the friction between your skin and the pole, though, so don’t panic if you see bruises and pole burns on your thighs and/or arms after a few days. It’s normal to have them after a pole dancing class.

One of the good things about pole dancing is that you don’t need any previous gymnastics or dance experience before you can attend the class. There are no weight or age requirements, either.

If you’re attending the class, don’t forget to always have your alcohol ready at bay in case the pole gets too slippery. Also, remember not to slather on any lotion before classes.


When in Manila and you want to add some novelty and challenge to your regular workout, check out Stardanz Fitness Studio located in Quezon City!

Stardanz Fitness Studio

Ground Floor, Landsdale Tower, 86 Mother Ignacia St., Brgy. Paligsahan, Quezon City

0917 408 7170

Stardanz Fitness Studio Provides Both Fitness and Fun with Pole Dancing