Start the summer with Pole Dancing Lessons

Can you feel the heat already? Summer is officially here and soon we’ll be raring to hit the beaches for a much deserved summer break. Before doing that however, why not dare yourself to get fit. When in Manila, and you’ve gotten tired doing everyday running and monotonous workout sessions in the gyms, why not try out some pole dancing lessons with Polecats Manila?


That’s precisely what I did one Saturday last week. I deviated from my usual Saturday schedule to give pole dancing lessons a try. So I headed over at the Gen Studio at Ortigas for my first lesson. I went there suitably dressed, in cycling shorts and a dri-fit tank top. Since I was a newcomer, I made it a point to come early in order to take care of the registrations and stuff. I was able to see the Polecats setting up the poles before the class.


We did initial warm ups and stretches before the class. While I had a dancing background and I also did yoga and muay thai eons ago, it had been ages since I’ve subjected my calves and legs to stretches as rigorous as the one we did. Man, it felt good! I half expected our instructor (Ms. Amaya) to take it easy on us beginners but she divided us into two groups-newbies and not-so-newbies. Before long we were trying out basic pole tricks. Even for just a beginner, it was fairly easy to follow and execute the tricks on the pole even if it was just my first try. I had fun but I came home with a huge bruise on the knee, which was expected because I had tried climbing on the pole. Oh and sorry folks, no pictures of me on the pole yet. 😛 Here are some shots of Amaya.



Here are some tips that I learned that day:

  • Keep an open mind.
    Before you grab that pole, you must let go of inhibitions. The poses are sexy and it won’t do good if you’re a bit wary of doing them.
  • Have enough mental preparation.
    Pole dancing does demand a lot of physicality but that’s nothing if you’re not mentally prepared to do the tricks. You have to have the determination to execute them properly.
  • Bruises are common.
    My knee was very sore when I came home, so does the rest of my body. This is something to be expected because as it is my first time, my body is still not used to the physical exertions and contacts with the pole.

After the pole dancing class, I stayed on for a bit longer to take the striptease class. Contrary to its name, we didn’t really strip. We just sort of danced burlesque-style. Our instructor that time was Kayleen. This class does require the students to once again, dress as comfortably as they can. Short shorts if possible. There was another round of initial stretches and warmups and then we learned a whole routine of dancing. I loved the striptease class because it lets you work up a good sweat while you channel the inner sexy you. So if this is something right up your alley, or you’re just raring to try it, give this class a go too.

I think this is a great way to keep in shape and manage my body’s flexibility. Again, When in Manila, and looking for an alternative kind of fitness activity, try out pole dancing lessons with Polecats Manila. Here are their dance schedules:


PoleCats Manila
Gen Studios 3/F Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas

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