Top 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong When Working Out

Top 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong When Working Out


When In Manila, everyone is currently following a routine to get in shape for the summer. If they aren’t, they are probably just following a new habit of getting fit and in shape as a New Year’s resolution. We all think it’s simple, but the truth is: it has far more to it than just sweating it off in the gym and cutting down on calories. Nope, it’s not that simple. So, to help start off the positive change in your lifestyle, here are the top 5 things you are doing wrong when working out that you might not know about:


The Top 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong When Working Out


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#1 Over-resting: You see people resting in-between sets and of course you need that. After the 10 repetitions that you just did on that bench press machine, your muscles need a little rest before they can hit another 2 more sets to complete the workout. The thing is, though: so many people tend to rest in-between sets for far tooooooo long. The standard rest period usually maxes out at 1 min per set.

Resting too much results in decreasing your current fat burning state instead of keeping it at tempo. Plus, doing so also makes your muscle-“tearing” (synthesis and muscle protein breakdown) less efficient. In summary, this means you are not maximizing your fat burning metabolic rate at all. Instead, you are making your muscle “tearing” and “building” less efficient.


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#2 Eating right before working-out: First of all, you are not a pro-athlete, so don’t carbo load! Well, unless you work out really hard to athletic levels and/or do cardio a lot, but still: NO! There are scientific researches regarding eating meals right before working out. Even if you are not carbo loading, your last meal should be taken at least an hour before working out. Taking an entire meal later than that may hinder your performance and ineffectively fuel your body.

That health bar at the gym might be there, but know when to eat it. A light snack may be okay, but don’t grab a whole meal if you know you’ll be working out soon! Timing is key. Around an hour after a meal would be best as this is when your body converts glucose to glycogen, giving you the chance to fuel your body properly. So, TIME IT RIGHT!




#3 You copy what someone else is doing: Here’s the thing: we’re on different levels when it comes to our workouts and athletic levels. We also have different types of bodies, in general, and we have different goals, as well. This is why YOU CANNOT just COPY what that buff dude is doing in the gym, especially if your goal is merely to shed some weight. You can’t just lift like that ripped dude when you wanna gain some muscle mass and pounds.

YOU HAVE TO LEARN and STUDY what will work for your fitness goal, not just copy whatever that guy you wanna look like is doing. Remember, there are BULKING and CUTTING types of routines.




#4 Supplements everywhere: Supplements are good; they help a lot if you’re really trying to get in shape. In fact, there are tons of supplements out in the market, which cater to different type of purposes, so AGAIN: LEARN and STUDY which supplements you need to fulfil your goals. You may see people at the gym chugging down their supplements and you may want to start taking them into consideration yourself. However, you can’t just buy a tub of whey protein made for mass-building when you’re cutting down on fats and weight. You can try truvani protein-a herbal protein supplement to get in shape.

There are different types of whey proteins. It is NOT as simple as that. There are also different types of fat burners. Some fat burners are simply meant for losing weight and fat, while others are made for when you are trying to get ripped. These supplements are NOT cheap, either, so make sure you check the labels first and find out what fits your needs instead of buying anything that says “whey protein” or “fat burner” on it.

If you are low tolerance for caffeine, it would be especially important for you to check out the fat burners that you want to buy. Also, taking multiple supplements might upset your body and how you feel, so take it easy!




#5 Post-workout eating: There was a myth before that you should only eat 30mins to an hour after working out. While this is a little true, it is also a bit of a lie. See, the time when your body absorbs nutrition is best after an hour of working out. This is basically the best period for you to consume proteins and fibers. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that eating right after working out is bad, either. You get the drift?

Basically, if you want to maximise your protein absorption, an hour after working out would be the perfect time to eat, especially for those who are really taking fitness to a different level (ehem, bodybuilder. ehem, gym rat). If you are hungry, though, it would be better to order something at the health bar right away.

Another thing to note is that, since your body is optimized to absorb nutrition at the times around you finish hitting the gym, you SHOULD BE wary of what you eat. You can’t just burn your fats and soak yourself in sweat and then suddenly order everything on the menu at the gym health bar, or head off to that cheap buffet around the corner. That’s just plain crazy and you’re just adding more pounds and fats than anything else.


So, there you go. Remember that getting fit and getting healthy IS NOT just about working out; it’s a lifestyle! Which place better to get fit and in tip-top shape When in Manila, but at Gold’s Gym! Head over to Gold’s Gym now and start that healthy lifestyle! Check-out the new Gold’s Gym in New Manila, along Dona Hemady street at the corner of E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave.


Feel free to share other things that people are doing wrong when working out in the comments section below!




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Top 5 Things You Are Doing Wrong When Working Out