Your Vinegar Might Be Killing You

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The Department of Agriculture had an inter-agency meeting to discuss the recent report that there are eight out of ten vinegar brands available on the market are actually “fake”. And by fake we mean, these are made from synthetic acetic acid instead of natural resources. Synthetic acetic acid is a by-product of petrochemicals – a raw material for making vinyl. Quite alarming, isn’t it?

This case was first published in the website of the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute or PNRI. Apparently, researchers from the PNRI are also an attached agency of the Department of Science and Technology. They came up with the conclusion by using isotope-based analytical techniques. According to Raymond Sucgang, section head of the PNRI Nuclear Analytical Techniques Applications Section, “Condiments usually undergo the process of fermentation, and the raw materials must come from fruits and other natural products. One can only imagine all the impurities and residues from the petroleum by-products, which can be the source of various degenerative disease, like Parkinson’s or even cancer.”

On the other hand, PNRI was not allowed to name the brands that underwent analysis. Also, they conducted the nuclear-based tests with each brand identified with a code to avoid biases.

PNRI already submitted its findings to the Department of Health and Food & Drug Administration. While their validation is still pending, it was recommended that an advisory should be issued and these brands must be pulled out.

Until then, make sure to always double check the ones you’re getting at the supermarkets. Keep in mind that a natural vinegar is made out of coconut sap and water, sugarcane, nipa and fruits.

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