Your New Favorite Cuddle Buddy: Why Weighted Blankets Are All the Rave Right Now

Have you been hearing about weighted blankets a lot the past months? Yep, we have been, too. Weighted blankets seem to be the new favorite thing among Filipinos right now (alongside sushi bakes), so we approached two experts on the subject to learn more about it and pass the info down to you, too.

We got to talk to Abi and Audrey, two young entrepreneurs behind Cuddle Buddy PH (, a shop on Instagram that specializes in weighted blankets. We wanted to know — what are weighted blankets? And why is it such a hit with Filipinos right now? Here’s what we learned from them.

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What are weighted blankets?

First of all, they’re called weighted blankets because that’s what they literally are — heavy blankets. Abi and Audrey shared that the blankets they carry at Cuddle Buddy PH actually range from 15 to 20 lbs. in weight! Apparently, this weight provides a deep touch pressure on our bodies which helps relieve stress, insomnia, and overall improve quality of sleep. Why? Think of it as a big warm hug. That’s nice, right? After all, who doesn’t like hugs? And just imagine that feeling of a big warm hug or cuddles enveloping you all night long. That’s what it feels like being under a weighted blanket.

And of course having a good, comfortable sleep provides benefits that go beyond just bed time. Abi and Audrey told us, “We learned that a good day starts with a night of good sleep.” And it couldn’t be more true. With weighted blankets helping you achieve deeper and longer sleep, you also get to wake up feeling much more rested and, ultimately, energized for the day ahead.


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Some people think that weighted blankets and comforters are the same — they’re not. While comforters are thick and fluffy, weighted blankets are actually very thin, at less than 1 centimeter. What makes it heavy is what’s inside. Micro glass beads are spread evenly inside the blanket, which gives it its weight.

And despite the weight, Abi and Audrey assure that Cuddle Buddy PH weighted blankets are well-suited for Philippine weather. To give you maximum comfort, their blankets are made of cotton and bamboo cotton.

Why are Filipinos so crazy about weighted blankets right now?

Cuddle Buddy PH has sold over 300 weighted blankets in just the past three months, according to Abi and Audrey. (That’s incredible!) They shared, “This just means that so many people see the importance of good sleep and are now starting to invest in it!”

As to why they think so many Filipinos are investing in weighted blankets, the duo said it’s mostly because of the pandemic. “This pandemic has messed our sleeping patterns up. With all the anxiety and stress around us, it has been stealing our peace at night,” they explained.

And that’s how Cuddle Buddy PH started — from both their need of a good night’s sleep and a stress reliever. They shared, “We started Cuddle buddy because we had trouble sleeping at night. This has been such a blessing during the pandemic because it has changed the way we sleep.”

Cuddle Buddy PH offers blankets in different weights. They recommend that your blanket be 10-12% of your own body weight, but also point out that, ultimately, it still boils down to your preference whether you like it heavier or lighter. But to help you out, here’s a quick weight guide:


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Having trouble sleeping or you simply want to improve your quality of sleep? Perhaps it’s time for you to jump on the bandwagon and experience that next-level slumber, too. Get your very own weighted blanket through Cuddle Buddy PH here.

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