Your Guide To Staying Fit During The Holidays, aka Lamon Season

As we’ve now reached the month of December, it’s official: Christmas has finally come. Yuletide decorations are up, caroling is now in full swing, and the voice of Jose Mari Chan fills the hallowed halls of malls rolling out with their own holiday sales. And of course, who can forget the Christmas parties? In the coming weeks, we won’t be surprised if your calendar is filled with all kinds of holiday celebrations — office or school Christmas parties, batch reunions, and family gatherings, ’tis the season to lamon!

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While our mouths water at the thought of Christmas ham, puto bumbong and bibingka waiting for us at the table, it’s also a dilemma for those of us who had just gotten started on their #balikalindog plans months ago. Days and days of feasting will surely pack on those pounds in half the time it took to lose them. But no worries — we’ve got you covered. Here’s a guide to surviving the holidays while keeping your waistline intact and body fat in check.

6. Get your holiday shopping done.

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Don’t underestimate the wonders of going to the mall. Those hours of walking, squatting, reaching for stocks and lifting your shopping bags help you sneak in that elusive workout during the holidays. Wear your comfortable sneakers and powerwalk to stores.

5. Lay off the booze.

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All those Christmas cocktails night after night will be the bane of your fitness goals, as they’re the quickest way to pack on the calories. When it comes to drinking, keep it to a minimum.

4. Schedule your workouts in the morning.


In between visiting relatives, events, and other errands on the holiday to-do list, it can get tough to sneak in those workouts. Plan ahead and schedule your workouts in the morning as one of the first things you accomplish during the day, before you go to your Christmas parties and other activities during the night.

3. Load up on water.

Water is your friend, especially during the Christmas season. Remember the rule of drinking six to eight glasses per day, and don’t forget to drink two big glasses of water before eating a big, calorie-rich meal. Sometimes, our bodies confuse thirst for hunger, and chugging on the H20 can spell the difference. Also, be sure to hydrate in between cocktails to moderate your drinking pace.

2. At Christmas feasts, go for just a little bit of everything.

The dinner table at noche buena can overwhelm you with all the choices, especially the special dishes you only get to eat once a year. If you’re really craving for a particular dish, the idea is just to take a few bites of everything so you can taste everything instead of filling up your plate. Go for a brightly colored plate that’s slightly smaller than a usual white dinner plate, which tricks your mind into getting fewer portions.

1. Go for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

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Our usual trips to the gym often mean spending at least two hours, but with the hectic schedule surrounding the holidays, it can be tough trying to do our usual workout routine. If your schedule is packed and you need to exercise in a jiffy, high-intensity interval training is a saving grace during the holidays, which lets you work out effectively in half the time. Go for a sport like boxing or Muay Thai at a nearby gym, which helps you target different muscle groups and burns the most fat in the shortest time possible. I like going to Empire Boxing Pasig as it’s close to where I live, plus their trainers are patient when it comes to beginners like me. Doing boxing or muay thai is a fun workout too, so you won’t even feel the time flying by!


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If you’re looking for a workout that would fit right in your schedule during the holiday season so you won’t miss your fitness goals, check out Empire Boxing Pasig and their special Christmas vouchers for sale! Not only are they really affordable (150 pesos for boxing, and 200 pesos for muay thai), these vouchers also make a great gift for friends and family this Christmas, especially if you’re looking for a workout buddy. More details on their Facebook page.

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