7 Reasons Boxing Is Perfect For Those Who Are New to Working Out

Boxing is not only becoming an increasingly popular contact sport; a lot of celebrities owe their toned bods to the workout. Still, I hear a lot of people claiming that they’re hesitant to try the sport — either they say that they don’t own boxing gloves (they’re not as expensive as you think), or that boxing is too violent, or that it’s even repetitive as you just keep on throwing punches.

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Gigi Hadid swears by boxing as her main workout. 

I understand where all of this is coming from — I, too, was once like that. I never thought of myself as a boxing kind of person, and I thought of boxing gyms as too intimidating. I certainly pictured brawny, masculine champs just hacking endlessly at a punching bag, which didn’t appeal to me. Not a good fit for those just getting into fitness like me.

Yet a friend finally suggested that I try boxing, and after I finally went for my first time at Empire Boxing Pasig, I realized that these notions could not be any further from the truth.

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One of the newest branches of the popular Empire Boxing Gym chain, Empire Boxing Pasig has been up and running since March this year, with young and qualified boxing and muay thai trainers ready to help you get in shape.

According to JM Danga, owner of Empire Boxing Pasig and a recreational boxer:

“Boxing and Muay thai are proven workout regimens for people who would want to lose fat. It also provides a great alternative workout from your usual weights training, cardio training and cross training for athletes.”

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In fact, boxing brings someone a whole host of benefits, especially for those who are still getting the hang of working out! Boxing tones certain target areas, and having friendly, patient coaches are certainly a good part of training at a boxing gym. My first time left me tired, but totally feeling like a boss! Here are 7 other reasons boxing is great for those just getting introduced to working out:

7. Boxing keeps you trim


The physical result of what boxing can get people is astounding: boxers tend to look lean, toned and fat-free. What’s great about boxing is that it activates different muscles, making it an effective fat-burning workout. Punching tones and creates definition for your arms, especially around the tricep area, while each swing allows you to twist your hips, also hitting your core.

6. It’s a fun sport

Boxing isn’t as scary as you think — just take a look at this kid. 

While boxing can seem repetitive and rather boring to people, it’s actually not. No two workouts are the same for boxing, and if you’re punching mitts with your coach, this simulates an actual fight, which makes heavy use of instinct and muscle memory. According to JM, “Boxing and muay thai breaks the routine of doing traditional cardio exercises such as running, providing a shock to your system, that’s why it becomes a more effective workout regimen.”

5. It makes you strong

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Boxing does carry that image of being strong and able to hold yourself in combat — you are training for fighting, after all! Functional training allows you to use different muscles and let them work together, making boxing great for all-around cardio, not just for your arms. Boxing lets you work on your agility and coordination, which help eventually increase your strength. Get ready to throw a solid punch after just a few sessions!

4. Boxing strengthens your core

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As mentioned, boxing is a holistic workout that tones and defines different parts of your body, and not just the arms. Because you usually rotate your hips each time you swing to take a punch, this effectively uses your core or abdominal muscles. Continuous repetition will get you abs in no time!

3. You learn to think on your feet

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When you’re working with the mitts with your coach, you learn to fully concentrate and think quickly with every punch, dodge and block. Boxing greatly improves your concentration and coordination, and helps you work on your reflexes every single time. While boxing can seem like a crude mishmash of force, there’s actually a refined technique to the sport by memorizing the footwork and movements over time — all while trying to beat your opponent.

2. It lets you release your stress

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Unless a serious situation calls for it, keep your punches in the ring, not out of it. Learning to throw stronger punches shouldn’t be an excuse to actually practice what you’ve learned on someone else’s face. While at the gym, though, boxing is amazing at releasing pent-up stress, especially on a punching bag. The endorphins that surge after physical activity should be more than enough to keep your emotions at bay.

1.Boxing empowers you

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Feeling good and strong after a workout!

Normally, combat sports such as boxing and muay thai are regarded to be violent or more associated with men rather than women. However, according to JM, most of their clients are actually women! Getting the hang of boxing and kicking for the first time really made me feel more confident and “badass”. JM says:

“Yes, it could provide you a brutal workout, in terms of the exercises given, but in return it can provide great benefit to your health, and teaches you the basics of self defense. Especially nowadays, that our streets are not safe in general, basic self defense techniques will very much come in handy especially for our female clients.”


I, for one, am very excited to see where my fitness journey will take me. I’m glad that I enjoyed my first month of boxing and muay thai, and I definitely can’t wait to get stronger with my newfound playground at Empire Boxing Pasig.


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Thinking of getting fit with your friends? Now’s the chance to do so!

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