Your Coffee Fund Can Help a Father Battle Cancer

Are you a coffee drinker?

Did you know that if you save on your daily caffeine fix, you can help save a father’s life today?

A little help goes a long, long way…

We would like to knock on your heart’s door and know how you can help a father battle cancer.

Here’s the story of Carlo. If you want to help out, he has a GoFundMe Page. (warning: GoFundMe page has graphic images)

GoFundMe Carlo

Most of us would know or have known someone battling cancer. It is a fight no one volunteered to take but a horrible reality that some of us have to face.

On January 2013, the battle against cancer began for my closest friend Carlo.  Today, I write on his behalf as he pushes forward to rid cancer completely out of his system.

Carlo has been diagnosed in his buccal area with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare & aggressive cancer. 

This type of cancer has affected Carlo’s right face soft tissues and bones, leading for a tumor to protrude from his mouth and lips. This affects his capacity to swallow food and disrupts his sleep due to choking.

Everyday life is very different now for Carlo and his family.  

Over the last 3 years of being in and out of procedures/treatments has taken a toll on Carlo’s body and changed his appearance. But he is no where to giving up!!

In the last years, Carlo underwent 33  sessions of radiation therapy, 1&1/2 years of IV chemotherapy
before his major operation on November 2014. Afterwhich he had sought alternative therapy, healthy lifestyle & eating more fruits & vegetables, more on fish less on meat. In 6 months, he had been tumor-free.

But in May 2015, the most dreadful news was heard. The tumor had recurred and is now bigger than before.
His surgeon and other medical oncologists prescribed oral chemo drugs called Pazopanib, a very highly priced medication more than PHP 100K/month or over $3000 AUD/month. However, after 5 months of medication, his doctors revealed a much bigger tumor, thereby concluding that the tumor already became resistant to Pazopanib.

Carlo’s condition is at its worst. He was admitted 4 times at The Medical City Hospital for PEG tube placement, implantation of Portacath, 1st cycle of IV Chemo drugs and suspicion of Sepsis.

The tumor near his throat needed to be removed.
But the medical oncologists in the Philippines do not know what to do now. They have exhausted all possible procedures and have suggested for Carlo to fly to Singapore to hopefully qualify for a clinical trial for recurring tumors. 

Carlo flew to Singapore in January 2016 and was advised to re-continue Pazopanib as the tumor needs to shrink before being operated. After weeks of medication, the tumor thankfully shrunk and now the surgery should be done immediately rather than wait for the tumor to become resistant to Pazopanib again.

In more than 3 years of Carlo’s non-stop consultations, surgery/hospitalization, treatments, lab/diagnostic procedures, personalized nutrition, his family had already spent millions even with the financial help of relatives, friends & PCSO and has drained their finances despite selling assets.

Carlo is in a battle against cancer and time. He needs our help to raise $100,000 AUD for his operation in Singapore this June 2016. He is currently in Singapore now awaiting results on some more tests that needed to be done.

Despite the risk of being half-faced paralyzed, Carlo, together with his friends and family, will continue to fight and win against cancer. 

Carlo is a father to his 1-year old son, Caleb, and a husband to Phoebe.

Every dollar is one step closer to saving a father, a husband, a brother, a son, an uncle, and a friend to many people who love and care for him every single day.

Any amount that you can offer or any referral/recommendation to any private charitable institution, who can help finance Carlo’s operation in Singapore is greatly appreciated.

How about making your coffee fund help save a life today?

If you can, please donate on Carlo’s GoFundMe Page.

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