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Jasper Castro

Photos / Jasper Castro

The Artist Is Alive, a digital exhibition by Jasper Castro and curated by Raymond Tribdino, goes online this July 15, 2022, at It invites the viewer into an immersive ASMR art experience that can be accessed via the internet.

The exhibition is best experienced with a desktop or by connecting to a larger screen and a pair of headphones, as it would enable the audience to simultaneously take in both the paintings and the recorded spoken word poetry. Through this multidimensional rendering, both audience and artist are looking and hearing the same thing in the most intimate set-up–bringing their psyche to the same place. Through the exhibit, the artist hopes to connect and befriend the audience as she handholds them through the exhibit to listen to her deepest darkest secrets.

The primary reason this exhibit works as a safe space is that it starts with the artist completely opening her heart and her secrets to the world. By taking the first step, she hopes that the audience, too, would trust her as they dive in, and attempt to find healing together.

A rebirth

Jasper Castro Labor Bae

Photo / Jasper Castro

The exhibit comes at the tail-end of a pandemic that has left almost everyone with surprising and unwelcome self-discoveries about the limits of their mental health.

Jasper discovered the limit of her own mental health in her early twenties when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A series of heartbreaks led to years-long clinical depression that stole years of her life. She and her doctor agreed that the blow-up was a long time coming, as symptoms of the disorder had been present since she was a suicidal 4-year-old. However, it was held off for a long time partly thanks to her consistent dedication to the arts.

When Jasper finally got out of her depression, she found she was a completely different person, as though she was reborn. She didn’t love this new self with her new larger frame, and new somber personality–but she understood that these changes had been necessary for her to survive through a difficult time.

In this series of artworks, Jasper finds her way back into loving herself, embracing every phase of her moods, and every facet of her personality. Here, she lays it all out in the open–confessions about desires, frustrations, dreams amplified by triggers, and episodes of mania and depression. Laid out before her, she can find the beauty in them, and despite the temptation for self-loathing, here she learns to forgive herself.

Make sure to check out The Artist Is Alive when it goes online this July 15, 2022, at

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