You Know The Selfie. Now Meet Its High Flying Next Generation, The Dronie!

Selfies are insanely popular in the Philippines and some people are now literally taking things to a whole new level: Meet the Dronie!


Probably not a day goes by without you or someone you know taking a Selfie and posting it on Instagram or Facebook to show the world just how great and good looking your life is. People around here have been taking so many Selfies, the place has been named Selfie capital of the world and now even has the “Wold’s First Selfie Museum”, as Time Magazine called it.

Maybe it’s just natural then that some people are trying to take the humble Selfie to the next level. Meet private pilot and local drone photography pioneer Jerry Cheng, who decided that just joining the army of normal Selfie takers simply didn’t cut it for him. Instead, he likes to take things to the next level, with the Dronie. The results are nothing less than visually stunning, as the below Instagram clips show:

While the Dronie is great to give your Selfie a whole new dimension by including large parts of your surroundings in the clip, it does of course require you to have an unmanned aerial vehicle, commonly known as a Drone, at hand and to also be able to use it properly.

A video posted by Jerry Cheng (@strawjerryjam) on

Luckily, Jerry has a few of these machines and really knows how to handle them as well, which is why he is widely recognized as a true pioneer of aerial drone videography in the Philippines and has even done work for TV shows in the past. His Dronies are nothing short of spectacular as a result, and really show off the beauty of his surroundings. Check out some of his other work on his Instagram @strawjerryjam and if you’ve got some Dronies of your own, share them with us in the comments!