You can soon enjoy a life-size video game experience at Super Nintendo World

Nintendo plans to provide a different kind of experience in a theme park with Super Nintendo World. This will soon open as part of Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Japan this year. Nintendo released a trailer for this and it looks wild.

Nintendo fans will soon be able to enjoy a life-size video game experience in a new attraction.

While there may be Nintendo-themed rides and a cool Mario Kart track, the trailer shows visitors running from Thwomps and swiping at virtual Super Mario-like coins. We don’t really get a proper look at the park itself on the trailer but we can get an idea of what it will look like.

Super Nintendo World is expected to open this summer. It will feature a wearable Power Up Band that lets guests collect coins and battle bosses while exploring a physical environment. Users can track their progress through a smartphone app, according to the theme park operator.

“Super Nintendo World will provide an experience you cannot have anywhere else,” USJ Chief Executive Officer J.L. Bonnier said Tuesday at a briefing in Osaka.

He didn’t provide more details about rides or other digital offerings.

Moreover, there isn’t a lot of information yet about the new attraction. What we know is that it will be mini theme park developed with “Super Mario” creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

The attraction will also house familiar game locations including the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario Kart, Peach’s Castle and Bowser’s Fortress. Super Nintendo World will also make it to the operator’s parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore, though no dates were available.

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