LOOK: You Can Now Rent Bella Swan’s House From Twilight (plus Life-Size Standees and Everything!)

It looks like Bella Swan finally put her family home on the market to be rented. It’s been more than ten years since she chose to spend her eternal life with Edward Cullen, so if you’ve been eyeing Bella’s dad’s house for some reason, now is your time to shine!

The two-story home that was featured in the Twilight movies is now open to be rented. While the films took place in Forks, Washington state, the actual house they used for the movie is in St. Helens, Oregon.

bella swan house airbnb

Photos from Summit Entertainment and Airbnb

When you rent the house, you’ll get to experience it in the exact condition it was in when Bella used to ‘live there’. On the inside, the house stores photos of the cast and little bits of memorabilia. There are also life-size cardboard cutouts of Bella and Jacob Black to watch you while you sleep.

The San house is available for $300-400 (approximately Php 15k-20k) a night depending on if you’re staying on a weekday or a weekend. It has five bedrooms and can accommodate up to ten people!

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Would you be willing to rent out Bella’s house?