You Can Now Rent Iron Man’s ‘Endgame’ Lake House

A lot of people are still trying to recover from Avengers: Endgame while the rest are trying to figure out what the future holds for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in general. However, if you’re one of the people whose sole takeaway from the last Avengers film is how cozy and warm the Starks’ lakeside cabin seemed to be, then today is your lucky day!

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Fans on Reddit noticed that Stark’s cabin from the movie matched a rentable house in Fairburn, Georgia. The house is on a private property and is listed as having three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and free Wi-Fi. It’s pretty sweet, if you ask us.

However, as expected, staying in Tony Stark’s house is going to cost you a lot. It’s listing price is currently at $800 a night; that’s more than Php40,000! For some fans, it could be worth it. Big events and parties aren’t allowed on the property, though, so you can kiss that epic Avengers party goodbye.

Would you be willing to pay to stay here?

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