You can now put makeup filters on in Zoom

If you haven’t seen the new updates for Zoom (the September 21, 2020 update), there are a few new features and technicalities that they’ve added and addressed. Some are sync improvements, background adjustments, the usual. But one stood out in particular: Studio effects.

For both Windows and Mac users, you can now sport a killer brow, some lipstick, and even a beard or mustache if you wish. This is perfect for those early morning meetings when you don’t have time to get ready or anything. I support this, tbh. It’d help out enormously for those of us who are too tired or too beat down by the pandemic to groom ourselves properly for an online meeting.

If you’re the type to wanna dress to impress even from home, this one’s for you, too. This sounds like a lot of fun to play with, tbh. And we can’t wait to try it out next meeting.

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