Yes, You Can Use Oxygen to Make Your Face Look Younger

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I’m 29 years old but I feel like my face looks older because of the stress and pollution I face every day. It’s something a lot of us experience, and if we’re not careful, it might be too late to do anything except go to the doctor for a little nip and tuck. For now, we only need a few touch-ups from our favorite skincare center. There’s a new one we recommend: Facial Care Centre’s Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy, and it uses oxygen to make you look younger and fresher.

What’s interesting about this treatment is that it’s the first non-invasive regenerative therapy, which means the whole treatment is painless. The result? Anti-aging up to the cellular level, and cleaner and fresher-looking skin.

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The treatment starts with basic cleansing. This is then followed by wet dermabrasion, a less abrasive form of a diamond peel. I’ve never gotten a diamond peel before but this one didn’t hurt at all. It just felt like the therapist was rubbing a pen all over my face. However, she showed me the dead skin cells she was able to remove and it was a lot. After making sure my face was clear of dead skin cells, the therapist steamed my face to soften the skin and prepare it for extraction.

Now, I’ve had facials in the past but they’ve always been traumatic experiences because I had acne (see acne scars). So I was sort of bracing myself and expecting it to hurt.

But I’ve been taking care of my skin the past few years so the therapist only got a few whiteheads and blackheads. The doctor was right: this treatment is painless and relaxing.

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After all the preparation, the actual Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy can begin. The treatment uses a specific kind of serum that will be delivered to the face. There are three kinds available: the Polar serum reduces hyperpigmentation and aging spots to create an even-toned and smooth appearance. The Mitocell serum is for hydration of aged skin. Lastly, the Proderm improves the skin’s appearance in cases of acne and other blemishes.

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I got the Mitocell serum and it was blasted all over my face. It felt a little weird having cold air blasted in tiny portions but it wasn’t bad. It was sprayed on my cheeks, my nose, my forehead, the sides of my eyes, and my laugh lines. It was even sprayed all over my neck to balance the smoothness of the skin. The serum came in a tiny vial but there was enough for my large face, and even enough to add extra sprays on problem areas (mine were the crow’s feet and laugh lines because I laugh a lot). It may not seem much but the serum is actually being transported to deep layers of the skin at supersonic speeds.

This was followed by a relaxing face mask and a massage. All in all, the treatment took one hour and a half.

Facial Care Centre Final

Immediately, my face felt cleaner and lighter. The red spots on my face were gone and it looked softer and smoother. The next day, my face looked so much better and I am less oily.

Finally, I look a little closer to my actual age.

I highly recommend Facial Care Centre’s Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy, whatever your age. Stress, pollution, and the tropical climate don’t do good things for your skin and it’s better to stop its effects before it’s too late. Moisturizers and serums do wonders but sometimes you need something deeper. Who knew oxygen was the answer?

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