Yes Please: Drink Your Way to the 90s

When you hear about The Palace, you think about crazy parties, right? If you’re not a fan of that, there’s one place to tone down the craziness and try some new drinks! Yes Please is a bar located above Revel that brings an 80s and 90s vibe to your late night drinking sessions.

Yes Please New Menu Launch 10

Erwan Heussaff serving cocktails at Yes Please

Last month, Yes Please launched a new 90s-inspired menu, which adds a fun twist to classic cocktails that everyone loves.

Yes Please New Menu Launch 3 1

Yes Please New Menu Launch 3

The New Menu Look: Magicbus inspired the cover

Since Erwan was a huge fan of The Magic School Bus, an animated television series from the 90s, he designed the cover as a homage to it. Looking through the menu, you’ll notice a fun comic book style with lots of popular 90s references, such as Dancing Baby, Gap’s Khakis, and Beep Me.

Yes Please New Menu Launch 17

beep Me (Php320)

beep Me (right-most drink) consists of tanqueray, aperol, grapefruit juice, lime, egg white strawberry, and honey lemongrass. It’s a strong, fruity cocktail that’s great for those who love their drinks sweet and strong. If you’re in the mood to taste something sweet and safe, but also want to get tipsy a lot faster, consider this drink!

Yes Please New Menu Launch 13 2

Yes Please New Menu Launch 13

House of Pain (Php350)

House of Pain consists of citadelle gin, suze, dolin blanc, lychee liqueur, and lemon oil. As the name suggests, this drink may bring in some pain the morning after because of its alcohol content. If you’re looking for something sweet and extra strong – the kind that will end the night young – drink up!

Yes Please New Menu Launch 14 2

Yes Please New Menu Launch 14

Up in Smoke (Php500)

Up in Smoke consists of ardbeg10, lemon, calamansi mango puree, sugar syrup, and belvedere. Another sweet drink many will love, this drink offers an edge with its citrus taste. I am personally a snacker who loves fruits. As such, I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet and undeniably strong drink. I was also happy about the fresh mango toppers! 😉

Yes Please New Menu Launch 16 2

Yes Please New Menu Launch 16

Tahooo (Php350)

Tahooo consists of plantation oftd, soyamilk, arnibal, vanilla bitters, and cheese foam. Filipinos are known to love our 5AM taho that starts our day, but having it as a cocktail? Now that’s something new! I love taho and this drink adds some fun to it. It tastes just like your favorite taho amped up with cheese foam and good strong alcohol.

Yes Please New Menu Launch 22

Dancing Baby (Php320)

Dancing Baby consists of port wine, luxardo maraschino, amaro montenegro lime, and cucumber. I enjoyed this drink the most because I’m low tolerance. If that sounds like you, too; this drink is for you! I like to think Erwan purposefully added this drink for low-tol drinkers who want to have fun and still drink responsibly. This drink is made of a wine that gives it just the right buzz.

Yes Please New Menu Launch 8

Yes Please New Menu Launch 8 2

East Coast (Php320)

There’s no doubt that the Filipino crowd loves their sweet cocktails – and Yes Please’s menu has a lot of them. However, there are a few bitter drinks to choose from, too! If you want to try a bitter cocktail for a change, try Erwan’s personal favorite, the East Coast. East Coast consists of Maker’s Mark bourbon, cacao coffee campari, and doulin rouge.This has to be one of my favorite drinks; I never knew I would actually like bitter drinks! It comes down smooth with a kick of coffee, sweetness, and liquor at the end.

Looking to drink tonight? Make sure to try this menu soon because it will only be available until March 2019.

Yes Please

11th Avenue corner 38th Street, Uptown Bonifacio, Taguig