Yakult Litro: Your Favorite Drink is Bigger

When In Manila, our prayers have been heard!!

What may seem to be impossible is now within our reach. Our all-time favorite OK ka ba tyan drink is finally, FINALLY giving us more!


For years, we have been enjoying this delicious little bottle filled with more than 8 billion cells of Lacto Bacillus casei Shirota strain that aids in digestion and decrease the harmful bacteria in the intestines. Yakult have been a staple in our household since our childhood days and I believe that I’m not the only one who wishes so hard that they would sell em’ in big bottles , 1-liter Yakult would be awesome!

Do you know why the Yakult bottles remained so small? It is made like that not only to avoid contamination but it is also Mr. Minoro Shirota’s objective to make Yakult available to the masses and affordable so that everyone can afford it and enjoy its health benefits. Now you know. 



And the best news ever — Yakult will be releasing it biggest Yakult to date! Yes, you read it right!

1-liter Yakult will be available in the market on April 1. That caramel-tarty flavoured drink that we all love is finally available on 1-liter bottles together with the traditional 80-ml bottles.

So what are you waiting for? Race now to your nearest convenience store or supermarket and grab a liter of Yakult or two! On sale on April 1. 

Would you drink Yakult Litro? Tag someone who will! 

Half are pretty positive Yakult are Pinoy’s ranked in love for our own Lactobacillus strain.