Yakiniku San Offers the Best of Japan in Unlimited Servings

Yakiniku goes over and beyond our usual expectations of barbecue. It combines the culture and flavors of Japan in one juicy bite, so many restaurants from neighboring countries are incorporating this Japanese culinary tradition into their menu—particularly in the Philippines’ metropolitan areas.

Yakiniku San, a newly-established Japanese restaurant in the Metro, is here to introduce Japanese grilled meat to our Filipino tastebuds.

What’s more, every dish our eyes can reach—from the meat to the desserts—comes in unlimited servings!


In their “Grill All You Can” menu, Yakiniku San offers various Japanese dishes fit for families and barkadas. Lunch and Dinner sets sell at 449 and 499 respectively. This already includes different kinds of meat, tempura, noodles, Makimono (rolled dishes), Katsu (cutlets), appetizers, sarada (steamed veggies), soup, Gohan (rice), and dessert. You’ll surely satisfy whatever Japanese food cravings you’re currently having with their wide selection.

Yakiniku San Meat Choices

From the meat section, Yakiniku San’s bestsellers are the regular pork belly and beef skirt. You can request for plain or spicy meat, too, in case you want to play with different flavors. Other meat choices on the menu are chicken, beef chuck, and pork shoulder.

Yakiniku San Maki

Maki and tempura are also on the list—with Kakiage, fish tempura, California maki, and spicy tuna maki as customers’ top favorites.

Yakiniku San Noodles

If you want to try another staple Japanese dish, go for their Yakisoba and Yakiudon noodles. Both variants are stir-fried noodles, but they differ in terms of their density and their main ingredients. Yakisoba are thin noodles made with buckwheat and wheat flour, while Yakiudon are thick noodles made solely with wheat.

Yakiniku San Egg Custard

Since Yakiniku San knows that grilling and waiting can be tiring at times, their side dishes and breaded meat choices are always on the menu all ready for consumption. They offer Tonkatsu, Torikatsu, Tofu Furai, Gyoza, and Chicken Karaage for those who want to eat Japanese deep-fried dishes with fried rice. For appetizers, they serve fried and steamed tofu and eggs.

Yakiniku San Matcha Ice Cream

A heavy, unlimited meal may increase your desire for sweets, but don’t worry. Yakiniku San offers unlimited Japanese ice cream in three different flavors: matcha, sesame seed, and vanilla. As expected, their creamy and refreshing matcha ice cream is up there on the menu as Yakiniku San’s in-demand dessert.

Since Yakiniku San offers unlimited servings of all of your favorite Japanese dishes, it’s best to bring a companion or more with you to enjoy long conversations over a delicious meal. The restaurant is open to serve you from 10AM to 10PM!

Yakiniku San

Level 1, Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yakinikusanofficial

Instagram: @yakinikusanofficial