7 Delicious Bottled Alcoholic Drinks to Wash Away Your Feelings for Your Ex

Ever just needed a drink to act like a hard reset for your brain? Maybe it’s stress from work or the pressure of school–but what is it we’re most familiar with when it comes to drinking to forget? Lost loves, crushes who don’t love us back, and exes. Can you think of an occasion where a friend (or even you) said “tara, inom?” and the reason was a significant other who no longer deemed them significant? A lot of the time, we stick to the usual fare of beer or whatever’s easiest and most accessible and it’s not always the yummiest. But worry no more! Those sessions of trying to forget your ex can be made even more special with friends with these absolutely delicious bottled alcoholic drinks.

So you can wash away those feelings but with something that’s incredibly yummy. Different flavors and flavor profiles await in different mixes and juices, you’re sure to find one you love in a heartbeat! Never settle (in terms of drinks anyway) again when these drinks are just a few swipes and taps away! You’ll be sure to love them! ūüėČ

And take note, they aren’t just for drowning your feelings away. They’re great for a good time, too. Maybe you wanna feel like Donna ala¬†Mamma Mia¬†when she finally sings “Dancing Queen.” You got it. These are sure to do the trick, no elaborate plan to get the father of your child on the island for your daughter’s wedding needed!¬†Get bubbly, get dancing, and get hype with these tasty concoctions!

7. Hola Tita

Hola Tita
Thoughtfully chosen by two best friends who understood the longing for a sense of normalcy amidst the pandemic – like drinking out and attending social gatherings – Hola Tita MNL is an online store selling imported alcoholic products. Since they used to drink La Tita together all the time, they got the idea of selling it during the new normal.
La Tita is sweet, refreshing, and boozy; and is sure to become your go-to drink to destress during these hard times. With the holidays upon us, Hola Tita also launched new gift packaging recently. For an additional 60 pesos, you can spice up each bottle with a jute bag, ribbon, and personalized note – the perfect gift to give your alcohol-loving friends!
Hola Tita (@holatitamnl)

6. Noms Concoctions

These drinks are pretty unique in that they’re modeled to look like the periodic table of elements! So if we’ve got any chemistry nerds out there who also have a love for some delicious cocktails, this is the drink for you. They’ve got a delicious soju series that combines the clear Korean alcohol with lychee, margarita, and¬†even Melona. That’s right.¬†Melona.¬†The uber-popular Korean ice cream. That one’s my personal favorite as it tastes just as sweet as the honeydew ice cream pop but with that edge of alcohol that makes it just ever-so-slightly sinful. Delicious¬†and¬†it gets the job done.

For those who wanna stick to the classics, worry not! They’ve also got some regular cocktails in beautiful bottles. The Cosmpolitan is always a favorite of mine–don’t miss out! They’ve also got a Sidecar, a Malibu, and a Blue Hawaii. So if you’re more of the classic type, their classic series is for you. No worries, there’s nothing basic about the flavor they’re packing in these drinks. They’re delicious, have just the right bite of alcohol, and give you that tingly feeling you get from every¬†inuman.

Their name comes from a combination of two terms: ‚ÄúNoms‚ÄĚ ‚Äď typical filipino millennial term for tara inom, tara shot, and ‚ÄúConcoctions‚ÄĚ ‚Äď a mixture of various ingredients or¬†elements.¬†Super cute considering their theme! Grab a drank now, friend!

Noms Concoctions (@nomsconcoctions)


5. Dr. Salt

dr.salt 8 Original


Ever needed some Thirst Aid? No, I didn’t mistype that. I do mean¬†Thirst Aid. Because Dr. Salt’s cocktails have the perfect Thirst Aid kit for you! Made with a Jose Cuervo gold base, these drinks pack a mean punch in the best of ways. Flavored after two of the most sought-after fruits in the Philippines (I mean, who doesn’t love mango and guyabano?), it’s a great way to appreciate our local produce¬†and¬†have a good time at the same time. Those are some unique flavors that we haven’t really seen elsewhere!

And yes, they do use Jose Cuervo gold tequila. It’s not just for knocking back shots! It can be used as a delicious base for drinks–just like these. They’ve got a hit balanced with the sweetness of the fruits, making them sweet but punchy at the same time. If you like it more diluted, get some ice and a glass. If you want it more concentrated, you can definitely just drink it straight out of the bottle if you’re brave.

Dr. Salt came up with their name because of how bartenders can technically be seen as scientists with their mixology and their drink-mixing skills to make delicious concoctions.

Pour them over ice (or not) and enjoy!

Dr. Salt Cocktails (@drsaltcocktails)


4. Roux Laboisson

All Products Sangria Rose and Sangria Rouge

Ever miss the good company that sangria just seems to call for? Sangria always means a good time surrounded with friends and loved ones, often dressed fancy, and maybe (just maybe) wearing a bit of a heel. It’s got that¬†sosyal¬†vibe to it for when you feel a little extra dressy. But you never have to break the bank for that delicious sip of sangria you’ve been craving! Roux Laboisson has got you covered!

They’ve got a medley of flavors, including the classic Rouge and Blanc (red wine and white wine bases). My personal favorite? The Ros√©. So sweet and fruity and¬†pink. If you’ve got a pink aesthetic going on, this is for you. But their really unique flavor is the Bleu. Nope, that’s not food coloring in that blue drink! It’s delicious and sour-sweet with a candy-like taste of blueberries and blackberries–yum!

Not only that, but this brand is super sustainable. The glass bottles are beautiful, sleek, and reusable, and their tote bags can be used again and again. Part of their sales are donated with every bottle sold, too!

You won’t have to worry about shelling out a massive amount for these sangrias at all. Each bottle is priced at PHP 199! So have that sustainable,¬†sosyal experience all in the comfort of your pajamas. They’re delicious, affordable, and doing good things for the environment. Kudos to you guys!

Roux Laboisson (@roux.laboisson)


3. Tipsy Joe

IMG 20201012 202615 124


Now if you¬†really¬†want variety, Tipsy Joe has over 35 cocktails to choose from. Yes, you heard me right. 35.¬†Where you usually see just a handful of specialized cocktails on a menu, Tipsy Joe is dedicated to letting you really get exactly what you want in a drink. Ranging from classic drinks such as margaritas and mojitos to fan favorites such as weng wengs to even coffee-infused drinks, you’re definitely going to find something that suits your tastes to a T.


Feeling a sweet drink? Maybe a Strawberry Daiquiri. Feeling a sour one? Whisky Sour? Maybe you want something with that deep cocoa-coffee punch? Any of their coffee drinks will surely hit the spot. Tipsy Joe has got quite the array to choose from–and fam, they’re delicious. They even have what they call their “Quarantine Sips” which sound interesting in themselves! Creative, delicious, and fun, this is the one to go to if you want something really particular. Owned by a repatriated seafarer who used to be a sommelier and mixologist on a cruise ship, Tipsy Joe is sure not to disappoint.

Tipsy Joe (@1tipsyjoe)


2. Tipsy Flip

IMG 5110

IMG 4886

This one, I was very impressed with. The bottles (yes, bottles, full-sized wine bottles!) came in a sleek box, beautifully packaged with sealed fruits for your sangria and fruit needs. It was cute, thoughtful, and immediately struck me as a great gift idea! So if you have a loved one who loves their wine and alcoholic beverages, this is a great choice, too.

But on to the taste–the Red Sangria reminds me of a nice night in, snazzy music playing, heels on. It’s deliciously smooth and fruity, perfect for sharing. It was my personal favorite. And while I’m not a fan of pineapple, the Puerto Coolada was a refreshing splash of coolness in the heat. It’s the perfect beachside drink if you want that drunk blush look while catching some rays. If you’re a gin lover, Verde Fling is your thing, trust me. ūüėČ

What’s great is that their drinks are super customizable, too! If you want more sweetness, go for it. If you want more alcohol, just ask! They even add some fruits if you want, too!

What’re you waiting for? This is the most romantic of the bunch, IMO. It’s cute, yummy, and for sharing. So if you’ve got a special someone… *wink*

Tipsy Flip PH (@tipsyflipph)


1. Southern Shots

IMG 20200829 172519 561

Ben loves food and drinks, and constantly gets excited when he sees something new. What really drives him, though, is the uniqueness of a certain place, food, or drink provides. “I relish something that is rare and that is what I wanted to present in¬†my cocktails,” he explains. Since he is proud to be living in Las Pi√Īas, he has incorporated this into his brand name:¬†Southern¬†Shots.
“During this pandemic, a lot of bars and clubs are closed and a lot of people miss it,” Ben points out. “I want my customers to reminisce and feel like they can still have fun and party even at the comfort of their own home by drinking my cocktails.” Aside from the unorthodox flavors of his cocktails, Ben can also adjust the alcohol content of the drinks depending on your preference and level of alcohol tolerance. “I want my¬†customers to feel like they are VIPs and that they can get the drinks how they want it, when they want it,” he explains.
For only 150 to 170 pesos, you can get a concentrated drink that can fill a 1-liter pitcher – talk about value for money!¬†Southern¬†Shots‘ different flavors are the result of the different places, food, and drinks Ben has experienced through the years. With the help of his friends and some research, he came up with 11 flavors – with more exciting ones to come!¬†Look out for their limited edition cocktails during the holidays, including a Halloween special later this month.

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