WOW: Europe? Nope! This Is In Cebu, Philippines!


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The Marian Shrine stands in the hilly area of upper Lindogon in barangay Simala, Sibonga town. It was built by the congregation of Marian Monks of Eucharistic Adoration in 1998 when the image, brought by the monks from Pampanga, showed miracles during the height of an epidemic that killed many people in that community.


Photo from wikipedia of Sibonga, Cebu

It is said to be the place of miracles. Many people believe that praying to the mother Mary in the Simala shrine  experience miracles in their lives in terms of achievements, prosperity and even healing.

It is highly advised for you to wear the proper attire when entering the shrine as a sign of respect. Please don’t wear sleeveless shirts, shorts and the likes. Also, if you want to avoid the crowd, avoid the weekend.

How to get here?

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From the Mactan International Airport, hire a cab and ask to be dropped at the South Bus Terminal where you can ride a bus going to Sibonga; you can also hire a van from City Link terminal where it will take you all the way to the shrine. The bus ride from Cebu City to Sibonga takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes. By the time you reach the stop point, take a motorcycle ride to bring you to the Simala Shrine.


It’s on the way to Oslob, Cebu.

Have you been to the Simala shrine? How was your experience?