World Record Instagram Egg One of Time’s 2019 Most Influential People on the Internet

Remember the Instagram Egg that dethroned Kylie Jenner for most-liked image on the social media platform in January? It just won a place in Time’s 2019 Most Influential People on the Internet.

To be clear, it was the man behind the record-breaking egg who received the award — Chris Godfrey, who works at a London advertising agency and launched the campaign to simply gain more likes than Kylie’s photo of her baby which, at the time, had 18 million likes.

It became the weirdest thing to ever trend on the internet so far in 2019, but it succeeded in its goal because of it. A week after it launched, the egg garnered close to 53 million likes.

Unbeknownst to most, the campaign wasn’t just done for kicks. As soon as they attained their goal and amassed fans from all over the world whom they called the “Egg Gang,” Godfrey and his team used this sudden internet fame to spread awareness on a worthy cause: the effects of social media on mental health.

Looks like the Instagram Egg very much deserved its “most influential persona” title!

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