10 Essentials To Make Your Work From Home Life More Comfortable

Some people say working from home is easy, but it really isn’t. The bed is right there. The Internet doesn’t always cooperate. And don’t even get me started on the family members you have to live with every single day. :p

If you’re still struggling to maximize your efficiency at home, even after months of working remotely under your belt, here are a few key products to make working from home a little easier – and they’re all available on Shopee!

10 Essentials To Make Your Work From Home Life More Comfortable

MUMUSO Power Saving Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp

Great lighting wakes you up and gets you in the zone. Plus, it brightens up your face for work video calls. This sleek lamp from MUMUSO features three adjustable levels of brightness. Order it now!

Customized Pocket Planner

Stay on top of projects and deadlines with a planner. This pocket notebook comes with a leather cover in different colors, and can even be personalized as you see fit. Order it now while it’s on sale for only half the price!

Quifit Gallon Water Bottle

Drink your water, b****! A water bottle full of your power drink of choice—whether a coffee, smoothie or even just water—will get you through the day. If it’s just water you want to stock your body up on, take things up a notch with a gallon water bottle. This one comes with cute reminders so you never forget to hydrate. Order yours now while it’s on sale at a whopping 57% off!

Socone Seat Cushion

Since you spend most of your day perched on your office chair, you might as well make it as comfortable an experience as possible. This soft, comfortable cushion can be used on the seat or back of your chair… or, you know, get two for both. Buy one, get one if you order now!

Soundpeats Desk Organizer

A cluttered workspace muddles up the brain. Organize your desk so you can clear your head and work on your deliverables more efficiently. This storage box features a 9-piece pen holder, 3 storage compartments, and a drawer. Order one now while it’s at 55% off!

Akari Extension Cord

Got lots of gadgets to charge and only one outlet in your working area? An extension cord is a lifesaver! This extension cord from Akari has different sockets, including 3 gang universal sockets, 2 gang multi-purpose sockets, and a 3-meter wire. Buy one now while it’s at 33% off!

Lotus Activewear Silicone Wrist and Ankle Bracelet Weights

If you’re finding it difficult to fit workouts into your busy schedule, sneak them in while on the job. With wrist and ankle weights, who’ll ever know? Each pair of this hypoallergenic, antibacterial set weighs 0.5 lbs. Take your pick from black, teal, and pink now!

Buzzbee Mini LED Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker can help you better connect with your colleagues on weekdays, and relax more on weekends. This mini LED speaker is super cute and boasts a working range of up to 10m and a working time of 5 hours. Buy one now for only 88 pesos!

Bostanten Blue Light Glasses

Remember to take care of your eyes—you spend more or less eight hours in front of the computer screen for work, after all. Blue light lenses prevent eye strain and aid in better sleep, thanks to a coating that filters harmful light emitted by digital screens. Get your own pair now while they’re on sale at a whopping 57% off!

Plextone Diffuser/Humidifier

Enjoying the chilly weather? Don’t forget to use a humidifier to improve the air quality in your working space. This particular one also works as a diffuser for all of your favorite relaxing scents. Its aesthetically pleasing design will spruce up your desk, as well. Buy one now while it’s on sale at 27% off!

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