Woomen.ph Brings Clients and Artists Together in One Website


Woomen.ph is a new website that caters to the needs of upcoming hair and makeup artists who wish to build their platform and expand their clientèle. A eureka moment of Woomen.ph’s CEO, Guiden had the idea the moment she was unable to confirm a booking due to scheduling conflicts who then recommended a friend to her possible client. Backed by a team of strong and independent woomen (pun intended); CSO Sonjia, COO Katrina, CMO Chrislyn, and CSO Kristine formed the group way back in November 2016 and created the site that would help with the networking and collaboration between clients and artists.


As an aspiring artist, why should you sign up? Read on.

3 Great Reasons to Sign Up for Woomen.ph

You can book an artist online with ease.

To put it simply, Woomen.ph provides a platform for artists to create a profile in. This way, searchers can easily sort out the HMUAs they need by style, price, date, and most importantly, location.Woomen.ph

You can learn a new skill and get inspiration from featured artists.

Not only that, it is also a platform where you can book beauty events online and help enthusiasts look for and enroll in makeup courses, whether online or at top beauty schools. Woomen.ph

It doubles as a marketplace.

Woomen.ph does not just help clients find their ideal artists wherever they are in the country, but also serves a platform for individuals to buy, sell, and trade products or tools through the marketplace.Woomen.ph

Where was this website when we were looking for am HMUA during our shoots years ago? I might have moved on to events and food photography, but Woomen.ph can also be a rich resource for fashion and wedding photographers. So, what you are waiting for? Visit their website and sign-up!