Wonder Wrap: Plant-Based and Home Compostable Cling Wrap

When the pandemic hit, take-outs and deliveries became our only option to get food from our favorite spots.

While this was the safest and most convenient way, it also inevitably came with trash. This pushed a group of foodies to start “Getset.”

Getset offers sustainable food packaging solutions. Their goal is to help lessen the number of plastics, aluminum materials, and other non-biodegradable materials that end up in our landfills.

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Photo from getset • eco-friendly packaging on Facebook

With this goal in mind, they looked for alternatives to single-use plastics and aluminum in the food industry. Something that will not harm the environment while still being functional and convenient.

They started out with sugarcane bagasse containers–an alternative to the more common plastic food containers. These are made from sugarcane bio-waste which are home compostable under the right composting environment.

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Photo from getset • eco-friendly packaging on Facebook

Eventually, they were also able to find alternatives to those that heavily contribute to non-biodegradable waste–cling wrap. Unlike the conventional plastic cling wrap, Wonder Wrap is plant-based and certified home compostable, too.

It breaks down within 180 days under the right composting environments. It is also BPA-free, plastic-free, freezer-friendly, and food grade. To further minimize plastic waste, they even opted to remove the usual plastic slider and have perforated sections for easy tearing instead.

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To know more about these eco-friendly alternatives, check out Getset on Instagram (instagram.com/hey.getset) and Facebook (facebook.com/hey.getset).

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