PSA: Reduce Plastic Waste With These Biodegradable Necessities

If there is one thing I have learned living independently, it is that there is too much trash! I tear up a number of plastics from groceries and dispose of the garbage from my trash cans almost every day to avoid pests. My moral compass is shaking in hopes of keeping the house neat and clean while worrying about the potential threats my trash poses to the environment. This got me thinking of ways to reduce plastic waste without sacrificing my daily needs.

While browsing through Shopee, I learned that there are eco-friendly options that we can all switch to. Yes, all of us! If a single person can do wonders in saving the environment, just imagine if everyone who reads this makes the same choice. So without further ado, here is a list of necessities that are made from sustainable materials.


These biodegradable toothbrushes have a bamboo handle and nylon-4 bristles. Bamboo is a strong and durable material that is waterproof so you will not have to worry about drying it after use. Meanwhile, nylon-4 is a petroleum-based plastic that is said to decompose within months, unlike most plastics which do not at all. Click here to buy now!

Wet Wipes

Most wet wipes could take a hundred years or more before disappearing from landfills. These eco-friendly wet wipes though are also made from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants without the need for pesticides and fertilizers, to make it 100% biodegradable. They are safe for sensitive skin too because no toxic and heavy metals were used in production and they do not contain perfume. Click here to buy now!

Sanitary Pads

A woman uses around 22 sanitary products per cycle and around 11,000 will be used in a lifetime, according to UK’s Absorbent Hygiene Product Manufacturers Association (AHPMA). However, the plastic used in a single menstrual pad could take 500 to 800 years to decompose. These biodegradable pads on the other hand take only 3 to 5 years! They are made with NALA GOTS-certified organic cotton which prevents long-term irritation and other vaginal health problems caused by toxic chemicals and artificial fiber. Click here to buy now!

Garbage Bags

Unlike most garbage bags available in grocery stores, these ones are made from cornstarch. They also come in 5 sizes: 5-6L (50 pieces/roll), 7-8L (50 pieces/roll), 10L (50 pieces/roll), 20L (25 pieces/roll), and 30L (25 pieces/roll). In case you are wondering, the eco-friendly garbage bags do not break easily and are strong enough according to a review. Click here to buy now!

Dish Sponges

These biodegradable dish sponges‘ scourer is made from coconut fiber while the sponge itself is made from wood cellulose. The decomposable materials used as an alternative retain their cleaning and oil removal ability. They are still soft and fluffy with high water absorption capacity, moisture retention, and scouring ability for pots and pans. Click here to buy now!

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The earlier we make the switch, the greater we contribute to taking care of our home planet. So stock up on these biodegradable necessities now and do not forget to share this with your family and friends!

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